Chapter 373: Perfect Glory

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However, his assistant was busy greeting the guests, so it was not convenient for Du Luo to talk to him now.

Actually, he did not need to ask much.
He just needed to appreciate this.

Today, the entire hotel had been booked.
Who else would this orchestra be performing for other than them?

It must be that Hall 6 were unable to arrange for the orchestra to perform for them.
The hotel decided to have the orchestra perform for the guests in Hall 5 where the atmosphere was more vibrant.

Standing behind Su Huixian, Zhu Fenfen said in a low voice, “Su Bei and the rest of them are really lucky.
They get to enjoy themselves for free.”

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Su Huixian glanced at Zhu Fenfen, who quickly shut up.

Actually, Su Huixian did not know much about orchestras.
However, when she heard the guests talk about how famous this orchestra was and saw how even some senior guests standing up to show the orchestra their respect, her vanity was greatly satisfied.

Su Huixian was glad that she had not chased Su Bei away just now.
Without Su Bei around, she would not feel as glorious at this moment.

Only in front of Su Bei could she have this perfect glory.
Perhaps Tang Xinru was also regretting that she was staying with Su Bei instead of coming to her banquet.

At this moment, Tang Xinru was chatting with Su Bei, “I didn’t expect that someone would be able to invite the Spanish Royal Orchestra.”

“I’m also a little surprised.
I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to see them in S Country.”

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“Su Bei, look.
The instruments they brought here are actually from abroad, not from a local venue.” Tang Xinru could see the custom logo on the dust covers of the instruments.

Undoubtedly, with their own instruments, the orchestra could perform perfectly just like all the times they had rehearsed.
It also made the audience enjoy their performance more.

While everyone was talking, the orchestra had already started their performance.

The majestic atmosphere was even more awe-inspiring in such an enclosed venue.

The music was simply beautiful, and their performance attracted everyone’s attention.

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Even the people who did not know much about music were shocked speechless for a long time.

The conductor waved his baton in a practiced manner.

Everyone was immersed in the music, and their hearts danced to the tune.
It felt as though their heartbeats were climbing high mountains and diving into the deep sea.

After the performance was over, everyone was silent for a long time before thunderous applause broke out.

The reporters were all recording everything with their cameras over their shoulders.
When the music stopped, they could not bear to put down their cameras.
Instead, they took a few steps forward, hoping to get an opportunity to interview the members of the orchestra, especially the conductor.

The other guests were also eager to get closer to the top orchestra in the world.

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Some of the guests were fans of the music, and they got ready to ask for autographs.
If they could get the autograph of the conductor, Shaque, they would have no regrets in life.

Everyone looked at Su Huixian enviously.
Su Huixian was probably the only woman who could talk and get close to Shaque tonight.

She was lucky to have Du Luo by her side.

While everyone was thinking about it, the door of the hall suddenly opened from the outside.

Another group of people strode in.

Those who recognized the people immediately stood up and said, “It’s the Dublin Philharmonic and their conductor, Gringlass! It’s them!”

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