s worse for her? Don’t you think she’s in enough pain?”

Judging from the tone of the reporters, they sounded as though they were a group of assaulters led by Su Bei and trying to harm Su Huixian.

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Su Bei smiled faintly.
She knew that Su Huixian would not admit to it until pushed to a dead end.

With a smile, she said, “In that case, we’ll let the police deal with this matter.
We have to make sure both the victim and the perpetrator get what they deserve.
Otherwise, won’t the people who care about us be disappointed? After the police comes, we’ll cooperate with the investigation.”

Su Huixian was on the verge of breaking down.
She screamed, “No! Don’t call the police!”

If they called the police, she would be done for.
She knew all this very well.
If the police were to be involved, she would not even have the chance to deny it.

“Su Bei, please don’t call the police.
I’ll apologize to you.
I’ll apologize to you!” Su Huixian held Su Bei’s hand and begged.

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If Su Bei called the police on her and it left her with a criminal record, she would be locked up if she was served a light sentence.
At the worst, her acting career would be ruined.
If she really had a criminal record, her children’s lives would be affected in the future.
How could she still marry into the Du family?

This time was more serious than all the previous times.

Su Bei shook off her hand and said, “You can talk to the police about this.
I’m sorry, but I’ve already called the police.”

“Besides, I have to solemnly clarify a fact.
I don’t like Du Luo at all.
There are so many good men in the world.
Why do I have to bother about him? ”

Hearing that Su Bei had already called the police, the netizens cheered.
“So cool! This is how it’s done! You repay hatred with kindness, but how are you going to repay kindness?”

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