Chapter 341: Exposing The Lie

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Lu Heting knew everything about Doctor Chen by now.

He had already used his professional hacking skills to hack into Doctor Chen’s phone and computer, retrieving his bank information and other personal information.

However, it seemed that Su Huixian was very smart.
She had never contacted Doctor Chen through phone, and Doctor Chen had never revealed anything about Su Huixian to anyone.

However, there would always be trails left when one committed a wrongdoing.

Lu Heting waited patiently.

At night, he and Su Bei sat in the living room, watching the computer in front of them.
A ding sounded, indicating that Doctor Chen had made a new move.

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“What’s going on with Dr.
Chen?” Su Bei asked hurriedly.

“There’s been a change in his bank information.
He received a sum of money from a Swiss bank account.”

“From what I know after investigating him in the past two days, he doesn’t have any relatives or friends abroad, let alone any business dealings.
Something must be going on if he has suddenly received money from a Swiss bank.” Su Bei hurriedly sat down.

Lu Heting thought the same.

He typed on the keyboard while saying, “I’ll check it right away.
Since it’s from a Swiss bank, it’ll be a little complicated to find out the details.”

He typed quickly on the keyboard with his long fingers, looking serious and focused.

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A man serious at work was the most handsome.
Sitting beside him, Su Bei looked at his charming jawline in a daze.

He was really like Da Bao.
Perhaps because of this, Su Bei had always had an inexplicable good impression of him.

In the past, she had always thought that Da Bao was good at computer games because Feng Ze taught him well.
Now, she realized that it was because of his good genes.

“Get me a glass of water,” Lu Heting said casually.
He was so focused that he felt a little thirsty now.

Su Bei hurriedly brought him some water, blowing on it.
When the temperature was right, she handed it to him.

Lu Heting took a sip from the glass she handed him and tilted his head to look at her.
She was also focused on the computer.

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Sensing his gaze on her, Su Bei turned her head to look at him with admiration in her eyes.
“Lu Heting, you’re really amazing.
Do you know that Da Bao is also very good at playing computer games? You two are really father and son.”

A smile appeared on Lu Heting’s face.
It was not until Su Bei looked away that he focused on the computer again.

After a while, he finally stopped moving his fingers.

“What did you find out? Was it Su Huixian who gave him the money?” Su Bei asked hurriedly.

Lu Heting shook his head.
“An additional ten million yuan was transferred to Doctor Chen’s account from Switzerland.
But the person who transferred the money is not Su Huixian.”

Su Bei was a little disappointed.
The money in this account could not be used as evidence against Su Huixian.

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However, she also understood the situation.
“Since this person transferred the money from a Swiss bank, it must mean that they don’t want anyone to trace the source of the money.
Maybe it has already been laundered many times abroad.
It seems like something Su Huixian would do.”

“That’s true.
But with this information, doesn’t it mean that Doctor Chen hasn’t been doing anything serious recently? If we look for Doctor Chen now, can he still deny it?”

“That makes sense! Bring the evidence and ask Dr.
Chen about it.
He’ll definitely tell us everything!” Su Bei was overjoyed.

As long as she got the evidence from Doctor Chen, Su Huixian’s lie would be exposed.

Lu Heting’s eyes were still on the bank page on his computer.

Actually, ever since he became a law-abiding citizen, he had never hacked into anyone’s bank account—let alone touch a single cent.

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