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It was supposed to be a question.
But he said it in a firm tone, logical and clear, giving her no chance to refuse.

Lu Heting’s voice was mature and sexy.
Although it was a short and simple sentence, Su Bei found it so attractive that her heart almost jumped.

‘Calm down,’ she told herself, patting her chest.

He was her husband before.
But she didn’t know if he still was or if he had another woman now.

“You’re going to pick me up every day?” Su Bei asked, looking at Lu Heting’s handsome face while he focused on driving.

I will try my best.”

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She smiled brightly, thinking that she could take this opportunity to know more about him.

Only when she made sure that he was a trustworthy man would she return Da Bao to him and recognize him as Da Bao’s father.

Lu Heting tilted his head and glanced at her.
There, he noticed the hint of joy flashing through her eyes.

It pleased him.
It turned out that she also liked meeting him in some way.

Su Bei smiled and said, “You know what? I admire you.
You are focused, calm, and have a certain degree of freedom to do what you want.
You don’t have to fight for anything, and you can enjoy your leisure time.
It’s really great.”

She hoped that Da Bao could also live such a peaceful and great life with him in the future.

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All of a sudden, Su Bei felt a spasm in her stomach.

“Oh, no! My stomach aches.” A bad feeling surged up in her heart.

Since she was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer in the United States, she had given up the treatment.
She only took medicine when she felt severe pain occasionally.

The doctor advised her to undergo chemotherapy.
However, she didn’t want to waste her precious time.
She needed to find support for Da Bao.
What was more, she also didn’t want to lose her pretty chestnut curly hair.
She hated to endure her ugly appearance before she left the world.

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