Chapter 332: I’m Sorry, The Child Could Not Be Saved

Outside the operating room.

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Upon receiving the news, Su Xingfu, Xu Zhiqin, Du Changwei, Mrs.
Du, Sun Jingping, and Du Luo came over.

Xu Zhiqin’s eyes were red from crying, and she almost fainted.
Su Xingfu was also anxiously pacing.

Du Luo clenched his teeth in frustration.

As for Du Changwei and Sun Jingping, they did not really like Su Huixian.
After all, she was the daughter of a mistress.
She was really not qualified.

However, they could not detest the child in her stomach.
They had been hoping to have a grandchild.
If something happened and they lost their grandchild, they did not even dare to think about it.

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“It’s okay.
God will bless our grandchild.
He’ll be fine.” Sun Jingping kept praying to reassure herself.

While they anxiously waited outside, the door of the operating room opened.

Du Changwei and Sun Jingping rushed forward first.
“Doctor, how’s our grandchild?”

Doctor Chen opened the door and walked out with Su Huixian, who was being pushed by a nurse.

When he saw the family members, he shook his head regretfully and said, “I’m sorry.
I couldn’t save the child.”

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Du Changwei and Sun Jingping were disappointed when they heard this.

When Su Huixian heard that they only cared about the child and did not comfort her at all, she felt a trace of joy.
If that was the case, the Du family would never accept Su Bei, the person who killed their grandchild.

Xu Zhiqin held her daughter’s hand and cried, “Huixian, how did you end up like this? What happened?”

Tears rolled down Su Huixian’s cheeks.
“Mom, I’m sorry.
Du Luo… I’m sorry.
Our son is gone… Doctor Chen did a check-up on me before and said that we were having a son.
But I didn’t expect that… I’m useless…”

When Du Changwei and Sun Jingping heard that Su Bei had been carrying their grandson, they felt as if their souls had left their bodies.
How could their family be so unlucky to lose a grandson?

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“I’m sorry, Du Luo.
I didn’t protect our son well.
If I had seen Su Bei there today, I would’ve left.
Such a thing wouldn’t have happened then…” She cried pitifully.
Her face, which was covered with makeup, looked pale and weak.
However, she looked so beautiful and fragile at the same time.

Du Luo was heartbroken.

Xu Zhiqin understood what she meant.
“Huixian, what did you say? You said that your miscarriage has something to do with Su Bei?”

They had rushed over as soon as they received the call.
They had not even taken a look at the news on the Internet.
Besides, older people did not have the habit of looking at Weibo.

Du Luo had been too busy to read the news, while Qiu Minxuan did not say anything either.
Hence, he did not know that the incident today had something to do with Su Bei.

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Su Huixian pursed her lips and silently cried.

Du Luo also snapped out of his daze and asked, “Huixian, did Su Bei push you?”

“Du Luo, I’m sorry… I didn’t expect it to be like this.
She said that even though she doesn’t like you anymore and you’re a scumbag, I don’t deserve you.
She also said a lot of horrible things.
I didn’t want to tell you about this, but my child was innocent…” Su Huixian burst into tears.

“This wicked woman!” Su Xingfu shouted.
“I must break her legs!”

Then, he rushed out.

“Dad, don’t go looking for her… Du Luo, help me stop Dad…” Su Huixian said in a weak voice.

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