Chapter 300: Chapter 300 Master, Please Accept My Worship

Da Bao crossed his arms over his chest.
Now his arms gradually loosened.
He was tempted.

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In fact, he had thought a lot about Lu Heting.
In fact, he came to the Lu Group for Lu Heting, not for Lu Weijian.

Hong Jie was speechless with shock.
Recently, a hacker attacked the company’s financial system, making everyone on guard.
They even almost failed to stop the hacker.
In the end, Mr.
Lu personally dealt with the hacker.
But the super hacker was this little boy in front of him?

‘Master, please accept my worship!’

Lu Weijian put his arm around Da Bao’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go upstairs and have a cup of coffee.
Or have some juice and I’ll give you a full body massage.”

“I’m not interested in those things.
I want to see that person.” Da Bao removed Lu Weijian’s hand.

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Lu Weijian was a little sad.
He had done so many things, but he still couldn’t match his brother.

Lu Weijian ushered Da Bao to his office on the top floor of the Lu Group.

Lu Weijian poured him a glass of juice and gave him some snacks eagerly.
Then, Lu Weijian rushed directly to the office of Lu Heting.

“Brother, brother, brother!” He rushed into the room and rushed to the front of Lu Heting.

Lu Heting was answering an important phone call.
Before Lu Weijian could get close to Lu Heting, he was pushed into the sofa with Lu Heting’s one hand.

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Lu Weijian scratched his head and scratched his ears.
Finally, Lu Heting hung up the phone.
Lu Weijian said, “Brother, if you haven’t done anything wrong to my sister-in-law, I’ll take my head off as a ball for you.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Lu Heting’s deep eyes were full of coldness.
“Then you can take it off in person.”

“Come with me!” Lu Weijian grabbed Lu Heting’s arm and said, “Brother, even if you kill me today, I will still ask you to see a person! The Satan, who attacked our system, or Da Bao, a game expert, is really just a child! I used to think that Vice Manager Chen was joking.
I couldn’t believe that he is a child! In my heart, I have never treated him as a child, but he is really a child!”

If other child was standing in front of him, Lu Weijian might not believe that he had such ability.

But the boy looked exactly like his brother.
Without hesitation, Lu Weijian believed that the boy was definitely the invincible and powerful hacker, who was good at playing games!

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With a helpless look on his face, Lu Heting raised his wrist and looked at his watch.
There were still three minutes left before he should deal with his next work.
He acquiesced in Lu Weijian’s behavior.

And Da Bao was just a child? Not his rival in love?

Then what was the relationship between him and Su Bei? Who allowed him to get close to Su Bei?

When they arrived at Lu Weijian’s office, Da Bao was sitting on the sofa.
He didn’t touch any juice, fruits or snacks in front of him.

At first, when Lu Heting saw the little boy, he didn’t take a good look at him.
He wasn’t surprised that the master was a kid.
When Lu Heting was a child, he was keen on solving all kinds of computer problems and intruding into the internal system of many companies.
He didn’t stop playing until he had a complete sense of law.

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However, when Lu Heting caught a glimpse of Da Bao, he subconsciously looked at Da Bao seriously.

This time, he completely focused his eyes on the kid.

The child in front of him looked so familiar that he looked at the child intently.

Objectively speaking, Da Bao and Lu Heting were not exactly the same looking.
After all, Lu Heting was an adult.
He had a handsome face and a smooth and perfect jaw line.

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