Chapter 291: chapter291 Return of the Prodigal Son

Su Huixian could only place her hope on Fang Zhaoxiang.

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As soon as Fang Zhaoxiang came back, he went straight to the police station to bail his son out.
He also tried his best to deal with the victims who took this opportunity to ask Fang Shaocong for an explanation.

Although he was disappointed in what his son had done.

However, Fang Shaocong was his own son after all.
He could beat and scold his son in person, but he would not let others do that.

Besides, Fang Shaocong was his only child.

Fang Zhaoxiang was about to attack Su Bei.

In the evening, Fang Shaocong posted a very arrogant Weibo, “Although people insult me, bully me, and ruin my reputation, I don’t care.
If I don’t work in the entertainment industry, I can go back to the Fang family and take over the huge family business.
But you are all losers.
I’m better than you! I will have a better life!”

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Besides, Fang Shaocong mentioned all kinds of people who accused and condemned him.
He also mentioned his previous fans and his family’s company.
He acted like that he was the proudest person in the world.

Anyway, his image had been destroyed, so it was not a big deal to destroy it a little more!

Maybe he could save his face through this.

He had made up his mind that if he could go back to the entertainment industry in the future, he would create a new image for himself—return of the prodigal son.
With fame and money, he didn’t care other people’s opinions.

Su Bei was having dinner and didn’t expect that Fang Shaocong would fight back again.

Lv Shan sent a message to Su Bei on WeChat, telling her to take care of herself.

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Da Bao was also a little worried.
He didn’t expect that Fang Shaocong would fight back so soon.

Fang Shaocong’s Weibo post was so arrogant that many people cursed him.

In particular, some men really didn’t like him to be so arrogant and domineering.

“Fang Shaocong, be a real man, okay?”

“You bullied so many people and did so many bad things.
Why don’t you go to die?”

“If we are losers, then you are a maggot and cockroach.
You are the rubbish in the rubbish bin.
I’m sure that you belong to hazardous waste.”

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“What a shame! I beg the country to ban this kind of inferior artist as soon as possible, so as not to mislead young people!”

However, as Fang Shaocong said, no matter how arrogant he was, other people couldn’t affect him.
Others could only scold him online, but could not do other things to him.

Everyone began to sympathize with Su Bei.
Su Bei didn’t do anything wrong, but now she was in trouble because of such a bastard.

Fang Shaocong looked so arrogant, so he must act more horrible in private.

People didn’t know what else he would do to Su Bei, or what else his father would do to Su Bei? It was shocking to think about it.

As Su Bei browsed the news, she frowned tightly.

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Lu Heting put some food in Su Bei’s bowl.
“I heard from Mr.
Weijian that there are some problems with the business of Fang family recently.
On the surface, the Fang family is burgeoning and growing, but it can’t hold on for long in private.
I’m afraid that Fang Shaocong can’t take over his family business smoothly.”

Hearing this, Su Bei was relieved and said, “So I don’t have to worry too much?”

“Yes, the Fang family can’t do anything to you.” Lu Heting said with certainty, “Come on, taste this.”

All in all, what Lu Heting said was right, and it would always come true.
With a relief, Su Bei picked up a chicken leg and put it in Lu Heting’s bowl.
“Heting, eat more.”

Well, the food that picked by his wife smelled so good!

Fang Shaocong was locked up by Fang Zhaoxiang.
Lying in his room, Fang Shaocong still had everything he wanted.

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