The models who were trying on their shoes all raised their heads and looked over.

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The man was holding a transparent shoebox in his hand.
The shoes inside and the logo of the brand they were from were clearly visible.

Seeing the shoes held by the man, all the models could not help being envious.

These shoes, which had been specially sent here, would be a perfect fit for the woman that they were meant for.

Naturally, all the models wanted to wear a pair of shoes that fit well on their feet.

Unfortunately, common models like them didn’t have any choice, and they didn’t have enough money to buy their own clothes and shoes.
So, they could only surmount such difficulties by themselves.

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As soon as Qiu Minxuan heard that the shoes were for Miss Su, she immediately exclaimed, “Huixian, Mr.
Luo has sent someone to give you those shoes!”

“Huixian, you are so lucky!” a model who knew Su Huixian well said enviously.
“At home, your father treats you as the apple of his eye.
At work, you have a boyfriend who cares about you so much.
As for you, you are still working so hard.
All of these help you get ahead in life.”

“Yes! The shoes are from the same brand as this show, so they are acceptable for the first test.
Su Huixian, please show us mercy later and give us a chance, okay? After all, you already have a perfect life.”

With a bright smile on her face, Su Huixian said, “Before leaving the house this morning, I told Du Luo that everytime, the shoes backstage vary considerably in size and are uncomfortable to wear, but it’s not appropriate for me to personally prepare a pair of shoes.
I didn’t know that he was really paying attention to what I said.”

“Of course he was! Mr.
Luo always takes your words very seriously,” Qiu Minxuan said flatteringly.

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Hearing the mention of Du Luo, Su Bei sighed in her heart.
The light in her eyes dimmed, and the sadness that she had felt in the past began to fill her eyes.

However, she had already learned to forget it and let it go.

Qiu Minxuan said, “We have to hurry up.
Change your shoes now.” “Please give that to me,”

Qiu Minxuan said to the man who was holding the shoebox.

“Excuse me, are you Miss Su?” the man asked.

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Qiu Minxuan smiled.
“Of course not, but I’m Miss Su’s agent.
I’ll take it for her.
Is that okay?”

“Sure.” The man respectfully handed the shoebox to Qiu Minxuan.

When Qiu Minxuan opened the box and saw the shoes inside, she couldn’t help gushing, “Wow! They are limited edition shoes! Huixian, come and look at this!”

When Su Huixian lowered her head and saw the shoes, she was filled with delight.

“Wow, they’re awesome!” an assistant said, stepping forward.
“Are you familiar with today’s sponsor? Their regular products might be common, but their limited edition ones are very difficult to have.
People have to queue up and reserve in advance before getting their hands on them.
What’s more, this pair of shoes costs thirty thousand.
They are only provided for the red carpet.
It’s said that the soles of these shoes are handmade from wild cotton picked from a tall mountain!”

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Hearing this, the other assistants all gathered around to take a look at the shoes.

Although the other models conducted themselves with dignity, they couldn’t help but sneak a glance at the shoes from the corner of their eyes.

The income of ordinary models was quite low.
Only international supermodels had the kind of income that was comparable to that of superstars.
For ordinary models, thirty thousand was a big amount of money.

What was more enviable was Du Luo’s thoughtfulness.

Su Huixian smiled elegantly.

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