Chapter 287: chapter287 His Own Son

Lu Heting opened the wardrobe and found that Gun Gun’s clothes were hung side by side with Su Bei’s clothes.
He couldn’t help but feel jealous.
Because his own clothes were not well hung together with Su Bei’s.

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She had several sets of pajamas, and Lu Heting picked one casually, but he found that there was also a sexy pajama made of silk hanging there.
It felt good when touching it, just like her own skin.

The pajamas that she usually wore were very conservative.
This one was quite good, but she had never worn it before.

Maybe he could help her change into this one after she took a shower.

He picked up the pajamas, bent down and picked up Su Bei again.
Su Bei stretched out her arms cutely and let him hold her.
She was obedient and meek, and rubbed her head against him like a kitten.

Lu Heting’s Adam’s apple bobbed and his eyes darkened.

When he was about to go to the bathroom, he heard the sound of door opening and Gun Gun’s footsteps.

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Gun Gun pushed the door open and shouted, “My lovely Bei Bei!”

Seeing that Lu Heting was holding Bei Bei, Gun Gun waved his arms and asked, “What’s wrong with Bei Bei?”

Lu Heting put Su Bei down helplessly and bent down, “Didn’t you go to the old mansion with Aunt Chen to see your great grandpa? Why do you come back so early?”

Normally, Gun Gun would stay overnight if he went to see his great grandpa.

It was precisely because of Gun Gun’s absence that Lu Heting would have that kind of thoughts to Su Bei.

“I miss my lovely Bei Bei, so I come back,” Gun Gun said casually.
When he looked at Su Bei, he immediately asked, “Daddy, what did you do to Bei Bei? What did you do to her?”

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Lu Heting rubbed his own eyebrows.
“She drank a little.
She just fell asleep.”

‘Who can take the boy away?

Forget it.
He is my own son, ‘ he murmured in his heart.

Otherwise, he would beat Gun Gun hard.

“Why don’t you take good care of Bei Bei?” The question began to feel interrogative.

Hearing the noise, Aunt Chen smiled and asked, “Mr.
Lu, do you need me to help Miss Su wipe her body and change her clothes?”

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Lu Heting was speechless.
Lu Heting looked at Aunt Chen coldly and felt helpless.

He didn’t need anything!

He just needed Aunt Chen and Gun Gun to disappear!

Aunt Chen had been through this, and suddenly realized that she had asked a particularly superfluous question.
She quickly shut up and said sensibly, “Mr.
Gun Gun, let’s go out to have a talk.”

“No, I won’t.
I want to be with Bei Bei.”

Lu Heting patted him on the head and said, “Bei Bei seems to have drunk too much.
She needs some medicine, or she will feel uncomfortable when she wakes up tomorrow…”

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“I’ll buy it! I’ll buy it! No one is allowed to compete with me!” Gun Gun ran away right now.

Looking at Gun Gun’s back, Lu Heting found it hard to believe that Gun Gun was his son without the DNA report.

Aunt Chen went downstairs with Gun Gun.

Although they had left, it was estimated that they would come back in less than twenty minutes.

Such a short time was not enough for Lu Heting to do anything.

He wrung a hot towel and wiped Su Bei’s body.
Then he changed her into a clean and comfortable pajamas.
He lowered his head and kissed her gently.
“Good night, my girl.”

When Gun Gun came back, Lu Heting had already returned to his own room.
Before he could take off all his clothes, he turned on the tap in the bathroom and let the cold water pour down from his head to extinguish the burning desire in his heart.

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