Chapter 286: chapter286 Kiss Her without Her Knowing

Fang Shaocong’s fans immediately defended Fang Shaocong.
They tried their best to spoke for Fang Shaocong under those secrets.

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However, there were too many people said these things, and the fans had no time to defend him under every article.

Not to mention his fans, even Fang Shaocong’s agent couldn’t control the whole situation.

He had just spent money to delete an article, and several similar articles immediately appeared together.

He had just called a marketing account and asked them not to continue to spread Fang Shaocong’s secrets.
In addition, many other marketing accounts would appear and write what Fang Shaocong had done in the past few years.

One fire was put out, and ten fire rose from other places.
Soon, the fire spread so fast that it couldn’t be put down at all!

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Fang Shaocong walked back and forth in the room, exasperated, “Spend money! Delete the relevant searches and articles!”

Shaocong, I really have no choice.
I have tried my best.” His agent and other assistants kept calming the situation, but it didn’t work.

Fang Shaocong had never thought the result after he offended Su Bei!

Lu Heting started the whole thing, and the whole entertainment industry drove the process to expose Fang Shaocong.

Many common people apologized under the Weibo of Su Bei, “I’m sorry, Su Bei.
We have wronged you.
We didn’t expect Fang Shaocong to be such a person.”

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“Can you accept my sincere apology? We are all tricked by Fang Shaocong’s good reputation.”

“Everyone, line up.
Don’t jump the line.
I apologize first!”

“I apologize too.”

“I also apologize.”

“Isn’t it Fang Shaocong who should apologize most? What is he doing?”

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“Fang Shaocong, apologize!”

Da Bao was a little satisfied with Lu Heting’s action after appreciating Lu Heting’s masterpiece.

All the content about Fang Shaocong on Weibo were not good for children.
So Da Bao consciously closed them.

After this incident, he didn’t need to worry too much about Su Bei.

With Su Bei in his arms, Lu Heting got off the car and entered the elevator of the community.

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When he was in the car, he focused on watching the news released by Lu Hang and paying attention to the trend and development of the matter.

He didn’t withdraw his sight until he saw that the situation had completely reversed and Su Bei added two million fans that night.

He looked down at Su Bei in his arms.
She slept soundly and sweetly.
On her fair skin, there were two lovely dimples.
Her long eyelashes were curled up, which was easier to approach than when she was awake.
She seemed to be more lovely.

When he was about to kiss her again, his neighbor came in the elevator.
Lu Heting felt a little embarrassed and his ears turned red immediately.
He lowered his head and looked at the sleeping Su Bei.

The next second, he realized that he was kissing his legitimate wife.
He immediately puffed out his chest and looked straight ahead, taking it for granted.

When the elevator arrived, Lu Heting held Su Bei in his arms, went back to her room and put her on the bed.

He went to the wardrobe to look for Su Bei’s pajamas, intending to help her take a shower first to remove the smell of alcohol and make her feel better.

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