Chapter 282: chapter282 His Rival in Love Couldn’t Be Underestimated

“I have no choice.
Su Bei may not be able to turn the tables this time.
I’ve done what I should do.
I’ve done everything I can to help her.” A group leader of the fan group said sadly, “Maybe from tomorrow on, her resources will be reduced sharply.
We won’t have many chances to see her in the future.”

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“Yeah, I didn’t expect that Qian Yu Entertainment Company would give up on Su Bei.
But no matter what the outside world says, I will always support Su Bei!” Another group leader said.

Some fans said they wouldn’t give up.

In addition, when some fans saw that Qian Yu Entertainment Company had made an apology in public, they thought that Su Bei couldn’t avoid the responsibility.
So they didn’t like Su Bei.

However, no matter whether what the fans dis, the rational group leader knew that people’s hearts were fickle.
There were many rising stars in the entertainment industry.
As long as Su Bei lacked resources and opportunities to show up, she would be quickly forgotten.

The fan let out a long sigh.

It was not eight o’clock yet, so the secrets collected by Lu Heting hadn’t been released yet.

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The reason why Lu Heting chose eight o’clock in the evening was that this time was the best climactic moment.
At this time, Weibo’s page views would reach the peak till twelve o’clock.

Of course, Fang Shaocong’s secrets should be released when more people used Weibo.

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan had been checking Weibo all the time.
They wanted to see if there was any room for Su Bei to turn the tables.

Qiu Minxuan said, “Huixian, don’t worry.
If she offends Fang Shaocong, there will be no room for her to escape successfully.
We all know Fang Shaocong’s position.
Su Bei is no match for him.”

“Well, if I were Su Bei, I wouldn’t have found a good way to deal with it too.
Minxuan, prepare me a bottle of red wine.”

As long as Su Bei couldn’t clarify tonight, she would completely disappear from the entertainment industry.

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But it was not easy for Su Bei to defeat Fang Shaocong.

Of course, Su Huixian had to celebrate it.

With the bodyguard’s steady driving, Lu Heting’s Bentley was driven to the place where he and Su Bei lived.

With a tinkling sound, Su Bei received a WeChat message.

It was a message from a person named Da Bao.
“Xiao Bei, do you know how to deal with Fang Shaocong? How is it going?”

Da Bao was still sitting in front of the computer, looking serious.

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Since this matter was about adults’ affairs, Su Bei had already told Lin Moli to keep an eye on Da Bao and not let him get involved in it.

But how could Lin Moli control Da Bao?

“I will solve the problem of Su Bei, and you don’t need to interfere in.” Lu Heting unlocked Su Bei’s mobile phone with the finger of Su Bei.
It was disrespectful to Su Bei’s privacy, but at this moment, facing Da Bao, Lu Heting had to show his attitude as a man to protect his woman.
He must tell Da Bao that he would always on Su Bei’s side.

“Are you Lu Heting?” Da Bao replied.

Seeing what Da Bao said, Lu Heting was shocked.
He thought that his rival in love couldn’t be underestimated.

“I’ll take care of everything about Su Bei.
She didn’t need an outsider to help her.
I will protect her,” Lu Heting replied quickly.

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Da Bao couldn’t help but sneer.
Looking at the overwhelming criticism on the Internet, he asked, “Is this the way you protect Xiao Bei now?”

Lu Heting was speechless.
After thinking for a while, Lu Heting answered, “Su Bei is not a flower in the greenhouse, but a hardy breed swaying on the grassland which can withstand the wind and rain.
The path she chose is destined to be bumpy, but I will accompany her to overcome the thorns.”

On the other side.

Da Bao thought, ‘Lu Heting, you got a point in your answer!’

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