Chapter 277: Chapter277 Frame Su Bei

Fang Shaocong edited the article and sent it out directly regardless of his agent’s dissuasion.

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Fang Shaocong finally realized that Lu Weijian wouldn’t yield.
In that case, he would stop fighting against Lu Weijian.

After this incident, although his image was slightly damaged, it was enough for him to get his fan’s sympathy.

Now that he had brought trouble to Su Bei, he would stay out of it!

Maybe he couldn’t defeat Lu Weijian, but he could defeat Su Bei, right?

After this incident, his small gossip would disappear in the history sooner or later, and be replaced by countless fans’ love and care.

Others would mock Su Bei, but it had nothing to do with him.

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As expected, after Fang Shaocong’s words were released, although he did not mention the name of Su Bei, he drew the key point.
At that time, there was only one female artist in the same group with him—Su Bei.
Fans and onlookers immediately remembered Su Bei!

How could Su Bei harass Fang Shaocong?

No one cared about whether Fang Shaocong or Lu Weijian broke the contract or whether Fang Shaocong hugged a woman.

The gossips between female and male stars were obviously more interesting than that between the two men!

People started rushing to Fang Shaocong’s Weibo.

People also started rushing to Su Bei’s Weibo.

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“I can’t believe that Su Bei wanted to seduce Fang Shaocong with her body? It’s so amazing!”

“That’s impossible.
How could Su Bei be such a person?”

“Why is it impossible? Fang Shaocong is a well-known and popular man with abundant resources.
Now he has popular TV series, and there are still several plays to be broadcast later.
It’s normal for Su Bei to ride on his coattails.”

“But I heard that Su Bei already has Lu Weijian’s support.”

“The more the better.
Everyone wants to have more support, right?”

“Su Bei, shame on you! Don’t seduce my idol, okay? My idol only wants to focus on his own career!”

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“Who do you think you are? How dare you seduce my idol? Please get out of here as far as you can!”

“Tut, tut, tut, a shameless female artist.
You are so ugly and disgusting.
Yes, I’m talking about that supermodel!”

“Su Bei is beautiful and attractive.
Please don’t slander her.”

The fight between the fans of both sides was fierce, but Su Bei didn’t have too many fans on Weibo, so her fans were no match for Fang Shaocong’s fans at all.

The server of Weibo was in a mess because of this.

After returning home, Su Bei picked up her phone and was about to check the news, but she couldn’t log in her Weibo for a long time.

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Soon, Lv Shan made a phone call to Su Bei, “Su Bei, have you logged in Weibo? Fang Shaocong said you wanted to have sex with him! Our boss also wants you to go back to the company!”

“Okay!” Su Bei had to go downstairs first.

Su Bei took a look at the harassment messages sent by Fang Shaocong.
Obviously, they were not sent by Fang Shaocong’s own phone, so even if she took them out, they could not be used as evidence.

She didn’t expect that Fang Shaocong would frame her in this way.

When she arrived downstairs, the server of Weibo was finally restored.
She saw the words posted by Fang Shaocong.
The comment area of her Weibo had been completely occupied by Fang Shaocong’s fans.

When she was waiting for the car, her phone rang.
It was Lu Heting.

“Hello, Heting,” said Su Bei in an aggrieved voice.

“Don’t worry about Fang Shaocong’s matter.
Weijian has arranged everything,” Lu Heting said in a soft and gentle voice with pity.

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