ation? As the CEO of the Lu Group, don’t you know the spirit of the contract?”

“Of course, I know.” Lu Weijian smiled innocently, “Go and talk to my lawyer.”

After saying that, he didn’t want to look at Fang Shaocong anymore.
He turned to look at Su Bei, who was wearing men’s clothes, and asked, “Where is Sister Bei Bei?”

Not wanting to reveal her true identity in front of Fang Shaocong, Su Bei said, “She’s leaving.
Weijian, thank you for helping me out.”

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“It doesn’t matter.
Because you are a friend of Sister Bei Bei.
I’ll ask someone to send you out.” Lu Weijian patted her on the shoulder.

In Su Bei’s opinion, Lu Weijian was really a nice person.
He even took good care of her friend.
It seemed that the Lu Group was really a great group.

Noticing that both of Lu Weijian and Director Guo had given up talking to him and ignored him directly, Fang Shaocong turned around and left.

Okay, Lu Weijian.
And Su Bei.
Just wait and see!

In the afternoon, Fang Shaocong directly posted an article on Weibo.
In the article, he mentioned Lu Weijian’s ID—Invincible Swordsman, and publicly announced, “I have signed a contract with Mr.
Weijian to become the ambassador of his game.
For this, I specially cancelled other endorsement and work, and spare time to shoot the advertisement.
But when I arrived at the scene today, Mr.
Weijian arranged for someone else to shoot the advertisement.
Weijian, shouldn’t you pay me three times of the penalty for breach of contract and apologize to me by the way?”

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He didn’t give the lawyers of the Lu Group any chance to negotiate, but he chose to directly attack Lu Weijian in public.

He couldn’t afford to offend the Lu Group, but he wasn’t afraid of Lu Weijian.

He had predicted that the Lu Group wouldn’t mind such a trifle, so he took this opportunity to humiliate Lu Weijian.

Fang Shaocong was currently a popular male artist, and his TV series were broadcasting on TV stations.
There was a large number of fans, and his fans of Weibo was twenty million, and it was increasing at a very fast speed.

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