Chapter 271: Chapter 271 Your Friend Popped Up Out of Nowhere

Su Bei had been working for a day yesterday and had a general understanding of Director Guo’s shooting preferences, way of operating the camera, and the overall location of the camera.

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After using the wires, she rolled and moved several times in a row, and her every move was smooth and efficient, making Director Guo satisfied.

“Let’s try to shoot the formal scene.
Others, get ready!” Director Guo was satisfied with the young man’s performance.

Su Bei started to shoot.
She had worked with these actors yesterday, so it was completely okay for her to shoot again today.

Director Guo said to his assistant, “Is Fang Shaocong really not coming?”

“Director Guo, I called him again.
He said sincerely that he is sick now.
He hopes you can give him more time to recuperate.”

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Hearing this, Director Guo felt a little relieved.
He didn’t want to know how Fang Shaocong would behave.
He just wanted to use Lu Bei now!

It was said that talents were very common, but the people who could find them were not common.
But in fact, meeting a talent also needed the right opportunity!

He was extremely satisfied with the young man in front of him and thanked Fang Shaocong for his discomfort.

He said to his assistant, “Comfort Fang Shaocong and let him have a good rest.”

After the shooting, Su Bei’s forehead was covered with sweat.

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She put down her sword and ran towards Director Guo.

“Director Guo, what do you think? Can I do the job?” Su Bei asked worriedly.

“Come with me!” Director Guo took her directly to his office.
He took out the contract and put it in front of her.
“I want you!”

Lu Weijian had talked to him and asked him to keep the person as long as he thought the person was appropriate.

Director Guo had filmed many movies and was famous in the entertainment industry.
He debased himself to shoot the advertisement this time in order to have a rest and adjust his mind.
When he met Su Bei and Lu Bei, the two talented young people, the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes began to reduce.

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Su Bei was very happy to be recognized.
She took up the pen and wanted to sign it.
Suddenly she felt that she could hide it from others, but not from Director Guo.

Director Guo asked gently, “Why didn’t you come with Su Bei? If you two act together, I think you will make a great history.
This is exactly what I imagined when I was young.
Young people hold their swords to travel around the country.
They have a strong sense of what is right.
And they are not afraid to act on it.
They lit the world up, as their stage.”

He was so happy that he began to give a lecture, and his eyes looked gratified.

“Director Guo, in fact, I am Su Bei…” Su Bei said in a low voice.

Director Guo was shocked and looked at Su Bei carefully.
Su Bei gave him a standard smile as usual.

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“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Director Guo was surprised, but more delighted, “Your friend popped up out of nowhere, right?”

Su Bei said, “Because I can’t find a better candidate for the time being, so I want to have a try first.
Director Guo, didn’t you say that the heroine and hero could shoot their own scenes respectively and then combine the scenes in post-production? So I used this bold idea.”

Director Guo thought for a moment and clapped his hands, “Okay, I’m acknowledging you.
Go ahead!”

“Then I’ll go!”

After Su Bei went out, she began to shoot the main actor’s part.

Because it was an advertisement, in fact, there were not many scenes, and the difficulty was using wire and shooting the action part.

But Su Bei had proved with her ability that these two missions were not difficult to her.

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