thing more delicious than durian ice-cream, it must be the durian ice-cream in other people’s hands!

Lu Heting reached out his slender fingers and wiped the ice cream off her lips.

Satisfied with the food, Su Bei didn’t mind his small movements.
She didn’t even notice that when Feng Feifei dressed like Feng Ze and wanted to touch her, she would be very resistant and couldn’t help moving Feng Feifei’s hand away.

But she thought it was normal for Lu Heting to do that.
She didn’t want to slap him at all.

She accepted his action naturally.

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Lu Weijian walked behind them silently.
‘A single man didn’t deserve ice cream, ‘ he thought.

Lu Heting’s fingers were stained with ice cream and the temperature of her lips.
He subconsciously put his fingers on his lips.

When the tip of his tongue touched the ice cream with durian flavor, the most unpleasant taste in the past was unexpectedly not repulsive.

Since Lu Heting didn’t ask about Feng Feifei, Su Bei chose to pretend that nothing had happened.

The next morning, she went to the filming site.

Lu Heting sat in his office and heard Lu Weijian saying his grief, “Da Bao, my Da Bao.
I was one step away from him last night, but I missed him! It must be fate! I chose the wrong time!”

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“Give me these in half an hour!” Lu Heting took out a pile of documents and put them in front of Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian stopped crying, but thought of another question, “Brother, the man who stayed with Sister Bei Bei last night, do you…”

He was really curious.
He didn’t do anything, but his brother and that man made a reconciliation.
What happened?

What did time do to him?

“That’s a woman.
Not a man.” Lu Heting pushed the documents to him, indicating that he had enough gossip and should start the work now.

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