Chapter 253: Chapter 253 Pray for Yourself

Guo Feng had directed a lot of action movies, and one of them was related to games, so this advertisement specially invited him to shoot.

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His whole team was also well-known in the industry.

There was no problem for the other staff.

There was only one name, which made Lu Heting’s eyebrows frown.

It was Fang Shaocong.
Lu Heting had never seen Fang Shaocong before, but he vaguely heard that Fang Shaocong was a playboy.
Relying on his father’s wealth, Fang Shaocong had acted a lot of great works in the past few years.
He had a bad character in private, but his image was very good at public.

Every time the paparazzi took pictures of his gossips, he would spend money to buy the pictures, so he got a large number of loyal female fans.

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Lu Heting was almost sure that it must be this person who bullied Su Bei.

No wonder Su Bei just complained in front of him but didn’t mention the name of Fang Shaocong.
She knew that Fang Shaocong was not a person to be trifled with and didn’t want to cause trouble to him and Lu Weijian.

Lu Heting rubbed between his eyebrows.
What a silly girl! He liked to be bothered by her and even hoped that she would come to him if something happened.

She came to bother him, which proved that she needed him.

However, Lu Weijian was so stupid that he agreed to let Fang Shaocong and Su Bei shoot the advertisement together!

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Lu Weijian was playing a game when he suddenly felt a chill on his back.
He felt as if he had done something wrong today, but he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

‘Forget it.
I’d better continue to play the game.’

Lu Heting didn’t cancel the commercial shoot of Fang Shaocong for the time being.
He would like to see what this playboy would do!

“Lu Hang, keep an eye on Fang Zhaoxiang’s business.”

Fang Zhaoxiang was Fang Shaocong’s father, and he had some business dealings with the Lu Group.
Fang Zhaoxiang could be considered a figure in the rich circle of Jingdu City, otherwise he wouldn’t have so much money to support his son.

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But he was just one of the richest people in Jingdu City.
He was no match for Lu Weijian, let alone compare with Lu Heting.

Hearing Mr.
Lu’s tone, Lu Hang knew that Fang Zhaoxiang might have trouble.
He didn’t know what the Fang family did to offend Mr.

But Lu Hang didn’t care what the Fang family had done wrong.
Since Mr.
Lu wanted to crack down on them, they must have done something wrong.

‘Fang Zhaoxiang, pray for yourself.’

The next morning, Su Bei got up early to cheer herself up.
Then she changed her clothes and went out.

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“Let’s go together.
We are on the same way.” Lu Heting also changed his clothes and took the key.

Gun Gun ran towards them.
After asking for several kisses, he watched Su Bei and Lu Heting leaving together.

“The Lu Group is so big.
I almost got lost yesterday.
I heard that the top leader of the Lu Group is very powerful.
Weijian praised him all the way yesterday.” Su Bei said as she got on the car.

Lu Heting nodded, “Yes, he is right.”

‘Well done, Lu Weijian.’

“I don’t know who the top leader is.
I heard that he is a very mysterious person.
Few employees in the company have seen his true face.
I guess a person with such identity must be at least fifty or sixty years old? After all, it takes some experience and wisdom to control such a large group.”

Lu Heting coughed.
He was only twenty-eight years old.
Was he really that old?

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