Chapter 231: Chapter 231 He Is His Brother’s Driver

With a big smile on Su Bei’s face, Su Bei felt warm.

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The conversation between them became more and more smooth.

In the end, the two of them exchanged contact information and reached a friendly relationship.

In the past, Su Bei had a bias against the rich men.
After all, she had seen many rich men in the past in the Su family.
Most of them had a propensity to extravagance.
Even if some of them could make money, it was because of the connections and resources built by their parents.

Moreover, most of them had an arrogant aura.
They were only willing to admit their own abilities, not to admit their luck and their good family background.

Only few rich men could truly have their own opinions, make achievements on their own and make their own careers.

However, Lu Weijian was different from these people.
So Su Bei had a better view of him.
Besides, she also had a better view of other rich men too.

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At the end of the engagement ceremony, Su Bei received a WeChat message from Lu Heting, telling her that he was waiting for her outside.


“Call me Lu Weijian or Lu Weijian.” Lu Weijian didn’t dare to let his sister-in-law call him respectfully all the time.
If he went back, he would be scolded to death by his brother.

Su Bei smiled, “Your name means honest and clean.
It seems that the elder people of the Lu family are so great at naming.”

“That’s right.
Grandpa said that no matter how rich I am, I have to behave myself.
That’s the lesson from my ancestors.”

After greeting Lv Shan, Su Bei walked out with Lu Weijian.

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Lv Shan was eager to see Su Bei go with Lu Weijian.
Although she wouldn’t ask Su Bei to get in touch with the powerful and rich in order to exchange beauty for resources, it was not wrong to have more contact with a fan like Lu Weijian.

This was an opportunity that no one else could get.

After Lu Weijian left, most of the people present lost interest in the ceremony.

He was much more eye-catching than other guests.

Du Changwei hurried to see off Lu Weijian, who waved his hand and said, “Mr.
Du, don’t bother to do that.”

Du Changwei wanted to say something to Lu Weijian, but he had no chance to say anything because Lu Weijian refused him.

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Lu Weijian and Su Bei walked out of the room.

Lu Heting’s car was waiting at a street corner not far away.

He saw that Lu Weijian and Su Bei walked side by side.
He was not satisfied with the distance between them.
It seemed that the distance had exceeded his expectation.

He had to talk to Lu Weijian about it.

Weijian, please get in the car!” Su Bei opened the car door of the passenger seat for Lu Weijian.
After all, it was Lu Heting’s job to pick Lu Weijian up.
So it was normal for Su Bei to help Lu Heting.

At the sight of his brother, Lu Weijian shivered and wanted to sit on his driver’s seat to drive for his brother.

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In Su Bei’s eyes, Lu Heting was Lu Weijian’s driver.
But in Lu Weijian’s eyes, he was his brother’s driver.

Lu Heting gave Lu Weijian a look.
Lu Weijian got the point and stopped.
He realized that he should be Mr.
Weijian, his brother’s boss!

Lu Weijian didn’t dare to sit in the passenger seat.
He insisted that he could sit in the back row with Su Bei.
How could he leave his sister-in-law alone in the back row?

Lu Heting cleared his throat, “Mr.
Weijian, you’d better sit in the front row.
I remember that it’s easy for you to carsickness if you sit in the back row.”

“Oh, yes, I remember.
It’s true…” Lu Weijian sat in the passenger seat obediently.

It was the first time that Lu Weijian had such a feeling.
It turned out that his brother was so possessive that his brother didn’t want him to sit with Su Bei!

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