Chapter 229: Chapter229 A Rich Man’s True Feelings

Lu Weijian looked up at Du Luo and said, “It’s good for me to sit here.”

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“But Mr.
Weijian, it’s not convenient for you to watch the ceremony here.
How about we sit in the front row?” Du Luo reminded him with a smile.

With a smile on her face, Su Huixian said, “Mr.
Hao from the Gao Sheng Investment Company, Mr.
Zhu from the Li Le Jewelry, and Mr.
Gao from the Lai Yao Pictures are all in the front row.”

They can sit wherever they like.
I want to sit with Su Bei here,” Lu Weijian said casually.

His casual words shocked both Du Luo and Su Huixian.
He wanted to sit next to Su Bei?

Did he know Su Bei?

Judging from their expressions, it seemed that Du Luo and Su Huixian didn’t expect this.
They had to admit that Lu Weijian seemed to come for Su Bei!

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Su Huixian said in a more humble manner, “Mr.

“Go ahead with your own business.
Don’t disturb me and Su Bei,” Lu Weijian interrupted Su Huixian directly.

Su Huixian’s face darkened, and her delicate makeup couldn’t hide her sad look.

Lu Weijian came here for Su Bei!

Lu Weijian didn’t look at them anymore.
He turned to Su Bei and said, “Su Bei, we’ve met before.
Have you forgotten?”

Five years ago, Su Bei did see Lu Weijian two times in social occasions, but they didn’t know each other, so Lu Weijian didn’t notice Su Bei at that time.

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“Now I remember,” said Su Bei with a smile.

“I didn’t lie about this, right? I was drunk at that time and didn’t let go of a tree.
Tell me the truth.
Did you laugh at me at that time?” Lu Weijian had been longing for his sister-in-law for a long time, so he felt very kindly toward his sister-in-law.

Even Su Bei thought he was too kindly toward her.

Lu Weijian thought his brother was emotionless.
But he didn’t expect that his brother would have emotional upheavals because of the woman in front of him.
So he was very interested in Su Bei.

He was really impressed with Su Bei.

Seeing the expression on Lu Weijian’s face, Du Luo knew that he couldn’t invite Lu Weijian to sit in the front seat.
Lu Weijian probably came here for Su Bei today.

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He didn’t expect that Mr.
Weijian, the leader of the Lu Group, would be one of Su Bei’s followers!

He was superficial! In that case, he didn’t want to deal with Lu Weijian anymore.

Su Huixian felt more and more uncomfortable.
It was not easy for Lu Weijian to come to her engagement party, but she didn’t expect that he came for Su Bei.

It seemed that he really wanted to show his true feelings for Su Bei.

But on second thought, would a rich man from a powerful family really love a woman? Today he could fall in love with a model like Su Bei, and tomorrow he might fall in love with another popular actress.

So Su Huixian finally calmed down a little.

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Du Luo held her hand and accepted the blessings of all the guests with her.

The engagement party began.

Although both Du Luo and Su Huixian tried to comfort themselves in their hearts, their faces were still gloomy.

The engagement ceremony was very romantic.
Flowers and champagne were handed over again and again.

The guests also cooperated with each part of the show.
The applause and laughter poured into everyone’s ears.

But every time Su Huixian saw Lu Weijian and Su Bei sitting together and talking happily, Su Huixian’s heart began prickling uncomfortably again.

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