2156 Twins

Not only was this fabric comfortable, but it could also be produced in large quantities.
The raw materials were accessible and easy to obtain.
It was very suitable for mass production.

The Qiao family planned to sell this fabric to the outside world after producing their own ready-made clothes.

Li Liangting couldn’t help but clench her fists.
This fabric was the one she had developed herself.
Now, it had become Xu Changfeng and the Qiao family’s bargaining chip.

As for her, she was trash rolling around in the gutter.

Li Liangting sat in a bar and asked for wine.
She drank one glass after another.

Soon, she was drunk.

As she was drinking, she saw Xu Changfeng being escorted in by a group of people.
He was enjoying the admiration of the crowd.

Li Liangting picked up the wine bottle and rushed over to Xu Changfeng.

However, she was alone, after all.
She was too weak.
Before she could get close to Xu Changfeng, she was stopped and the bottle of wine was taken and thrown away.

“Li Liangting, what are you doing?” Xu Changfeng looked at her with disdain.

The people around Xu Changfeng also recognized her and couldn’t help but mock, “You still have the cheek to come out? You might as well look for Qiao Weiyang.
Anyway, you’re both plagiarists.
One plagiarized someone else’s design, while the other plagiarized someone else’s fabric patent.
How dare you cause trouble here?!”

Someone picked up the wine beside them and poured it on Li Liangting’s head.

The wine eroded her senses, but she seemed to have lost all feeling.
She scolded angrily, “Qiao Weiyang and I didn’t plagiarize! The ones who plagiarized are scumbags like you! Xu Changfeng, you’ll die a horrible death!”

“Throw her into the men’s washroom!” Xu Changfeng flew into a rage out of humiliation, but there was a smile on his face.

“Okay, we’ll do it right away.”

In a place like a bar, the washroom was an extremely dangerous place.
Every time, there would be drunkards causing trouble near the washroom or looking for a woman.

If a young and beautiful drunk woman was thrown into the men’s washroom, everyone knew what would happen.

However, Li Liangting was too drunk to resist.

She was dragged and quickly thrown into the men’s washroom.

After Qiao Weiyang returned home, she was pestered by Jingyun, wanting to ask her about hacking.

He naturally knew that he had lost.
Just because Qiao Weiyang knew his identity first while he knew nothing, he admitted defeat.

Xiao Bao sat downstairs and took a glass of milk.
He drank it slowly and kept sighing.

Su Zhuoqian sat at the side, holding a glass of red wine and gently swirling it.

“Daddy, don’t you realize that something is wrong? Previously, Jingyun didn’t like Mommy at all.
Now, don’t you realize that he’s monopolizing Mommy alone?”

“What about it?”

“What else do I need to say? You personally approved of the mommy I chose.
Jingyun was against her, but now, she has become Jingyun’s mommy alone!” Xiao Bao was filled with righteous indignation!

Su Zhuoqian revealed a very light smile.
“Then go snatch her back.”

Xiao Bao admitted that he was no match for Jingyun, but of course, he would not admit it.
He instigated Su Zhuoqian, “Go get her back.”

“I can’t snatch her back.
She’s already my wife.” Su Zhuoqian’s words gave Xiao Bao a blow.

Xiao Bao: “…”

Hearing Qiao Weiyang’s footsteps, Xiao Bao jumped up reflexively.

Qiao Weiyang, who was hugged by Xiao Bao, sat him down.
“Mommy, do you like Jingyun more?”

“Why would you think that? I like you as much as Jingyun!”

“But I want you to like me more.”

“If Jingyun has the same thought, what should I do?” Qiao Weiyang asked seriously.

Xiao Bao thought for a while.
Qiao Weiyang was indeed the one in a difficult position.
He lowered his head and said, “Alright, 50-50.”

As they were talking, Qiao Weiyang received a call from Lu Mingjue.

“It’s so late.
What’s the matter?”

“I think I just saw a female friend you told me about being thrown into the men’s washroom in a bar.”

“Which friend?”

“I think it’s the friend you mentioned who makes fabrics.”

Qiao Weiyang immediately stood up.
“I’ll be right there.”

“Mommy, are you going out?”

“I have to meet my friend.
I’ll be back soon.
Be good.
Go upstairs and sleep with Jingyun first.”

“I’ll go with you.” Su Zhuoqian stood up.

“No need.
She’s a female friend.
If you go over too, it might be very inconvenient,” Qiao Weiyang said softly.
She had also heard about what happened to Li Liangting in the afternoon.

She originally planned to ask Li Liangting out tomorrow to discuss it, but she didn’t expect this silly woman to go drinking.

“Okay, then call me if you need anything.”

In the bar.

Li Liangting was thrown into the men’s washroom.
She had drunk a lot to begin with.
Later on, Xu Changfeng’s men forced a lot of wine into her mouth.
Now, her entire body was limp and she could not get up at all.

She still had some clarity in her mind, but her fingers and body were not listening to her.

In the beginning, when a few men came over, she could still shout ‘get lost’ sternly.
Later on, she was completely helpless.

A man with colorful hair leaned over and reached out to pinch her chin.
His voice was frivolous.
“Oh, pretty lady, why did you drink so much? Let’s go.
I’ll take you to a hotel to sober up!”

“Get lost.” Li Liangting’s voice was not intimidating at all.

“Hahaha, why are you rolling around? Do you think you’re rolling on a bed? Let’s go, I’ll satisfy you now!” He reached out and grabbed Li Liangting, dragging her up from the ground.

Li Liangting was passively grabbed by him and brought out.

She felt despair in her heart, and there was only a little rationality left in her mind.
However, this rationality was not enough for her to resist effectively.

Tears streamed down her face, and her entire body was trembling.

At this moment, the door of the men’s washroom was kicked open.

The colorful-haired man who was at the door was hit on the nose by the door.
He threw Li Liangting down angrily and covered his nose.

Just as Li Liangting was about to fall, she was caught.

Qiao Weiyang’s familiar voice sounded in her ear.

Li Liangting did not respond, and Qiao Weiyang put her aside.

Only then did the colorful-haired man see that it was a beautiful woman.
Ignoring the pain in his nose, his mouth began to dry up.
“Oh, pretty lady, good things do happen in pairs! It seems that I’m quite lucky tonight! Go back with me.
Let’s forget about what happened just now!”

“Just like that?” Qiao Weiyang’s lips curled into a mocking smile.

“I won’t blame you for kicking down the door and causing trouble.”

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