2150 Twins

However, how could Qiao Weiyang not understand what this arrogant little guy was thinking?

She walked to Jingyun’s side and coughed softly.

“What’s up?” Only then did Jingyun look up like he had just noticed her.

“Xiao Bao and I are planning to go out, so I want to invite you along.
Do you want to?”

“Where are you going?” Jingyun clenched his fists so tightly that his palms were sweating.

He had already heard the conversation between Xiao Bao and Qiao Weiyang as well as Qiao Weiyang and Su Zhuoqian.

He pretended not to care much, but he knew in his heart that he couldn’t wait for Qiao Weiyang to ask him.

In the past, he could not be bothered with where Xiao Bao went or who he went with.

But now, he seemed to care more and more.

“It’s a friend’s house.
I’m visiting a great-grandma and having dinner there.
Shall we go together?”

Qiao Weiyang reached out to him.

Jingyun revealed a reluctant expression and said, “I guess I don’t have a choice.”

He placed his hand in Qiao Weiyang’s palm.
“Let’s go!”

Seeing that Jingyun was going too, Xiao Bao frowned.
“Why are you going too?”

“I’ll go if I want.
It’s none of your business.”

“But I chose Mommy, and Mommy’s bringing me along! She’s not your mommy!” Xiao Bao was unhappy.

Jingyun smiled faintly.
“I don’t mind sharing Mommy with you.
After all, we’re good brothers!”

“You! You’re shameless.
You make it sound like you’re generous enough to share Mommy with me!”

Jingyun won and extended his hand generously.
“Do you want me to hold your hand, little boy?”

“Hmph! I don’t want to!” Xiao Bao ran angrily toward the car.

Qiao Weiyang could finally tell that Xiao Bao was a difficult person to deal with in front of others, but in front of Jingyun, he was completely controlled.
He was completely silly and sweet.

Jingyun, on the other hand, was the real deal.
He was very good at controlling people’s hearts.
It was just that he was too arrogant.

After getting into the car, Xiao Bao sat far away from Jingyun, unhappy!

He was very unhappy!

She was the mommy she chose.
Why did he have to share her with Jingyun?

He wanted to choose the mommy he liked!

How annoying!

Jingyun, on the other hand, looked calm and stable.

They soon arrived at the Han family’s residence.

Han Yinyin was the first to run out to welcome Qiao Weiyang.

“Sister Weiyang!” Han Yinyin smiled.
When she saw the two little guys beside Qiao Weiyang, her eyes widened.
“Xiao Bao and Jingyun are here too! Oh my god! I heard that the two little masters don’t usually go anywhere, and they’re also very well protected by the Su family!”

If she hadn’t been pressured to attend Xiao Bao’s mommy selection banquet, she wouldn’t have known what Xiao Bao and Jingyun looked like.

“Dad, Mom, Sister Weiyang is here with Xiao Bao and Jingyun!”

When Han Deli heard this, he took it very seriously.
He knew that these two little masters would not easily go to outsiders’ houses.
They were very distinguished guests.

Since they were here today, he naturally did not dare to be negligent.
He immediately got someone to arrange for a nanny and some bodyguards to follow them.

He had a whole new level of respect for Qiao Weiyang.
Since the Su family could entrust the two little masters to her to take care of and the two little masters seemed to trust her quite a bit, it meant that her status in the Su family could not be underestimated.

“Go play.” Qiao Weiyang wanted to treat Old Madam Han’s illness, so she sent the two of them to play.

Since Qiao Weiyang had spoken, Xiao Bao and Jingyun went to the courtyard to play.

“Where’s Grandma Han?” Qiao Weiyang asked.

“I’m here.” Old Madam Han walked over hale and hearty.

Compared to when she was lying on the bed, she looked like a completely different person.

“Weiyang, sit down and rest for a while.
I’m not in a hurry.” Old Madam Han treated Qiao Weiyang like her biological granddaughter.

Qiao Weiyang smiled and sat down.
“Let me examine you first.
When I have time later, I’ll have some of the delicious food.”

“Hahaha, okay.” Old Madam Han sat down.

Outside the door.

Qiao Jierou also came today.

Knowing that Old Madam Han had recovered and had invited guests over, Old Madam Qiao was very tempted.

However, she was getting on in years and could not bring herself to make the trip.

Qiao Jierou volunteered to come over.
Anyway, it didn’t matter what the Han family thought of her.
What was important was that she had to be polite.

Although there were not many guests in the Han family’s residence today, they were all dignitaries.

Qiao Jierou was naturally unwilling to miss such an opportunity.

When she was at the door, the servants heard that she was from the Qiao family, so they did not stop her and let her in.

Qiao Jierou strode in.

Halfway there, she suddenly saw the two children.

One of them looked a little familiar.
She thought about it for a while but could not remember who it was.

“Xiao Bao, do you want to play or not?”

Hearing this name, Qiao Jierou suddenly remembered that the little master of the Su family was called Xiao Bao!

Could this be Su Zhuoqian’s son?

Qiao Jierou immediately walked toward them.

A child who could appear in the Han family’s courtyard must have an extraordinary status.
Qiao Jierou stepped forward and greeted with a smile, “Hello, Xiao Bao.
Hello, kid.”

She had to verify Xiao Bao’s identity repeatedly, but Xiao Bao recognized her at a glance.

Her hypocritical face was still fresh in his mind.

Jingyun had no idea who she was or what kind of person she was.
He only thought that this woman was really annoying.
She gave off an uncomfortable feeling.
Although her smile was gentle, it seemed to be squeezed out.

“Who are you?” Xiao Bao said impatiently.

Jingyun ignored her.

“My name is Qiao Jierou.
It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Qiao Jierou gently extended her hand.
“Can I play with you?”

“No.” Xiao Bao shook his head.

Jingyun still ignored her.

“Xiao Bao, I like you very much.
You’re so cute.”

Xiao Bao looked at her coldly.
“Oh, but I don’t like you.
I also don’t like that you like me.”

Qiao Jierou: “…”

Qiao Jierou said a few more good things, but Xiao Bao’s attitude was still very firm.
Meanwhile, Jingyun did not take her seriously at all.

“Ahem, in that case, forget it.
I’ll go to the side first.” Qiao Jierou had no choice but to leave first.

She walked into the living room.

Qiao Weiyang had already taken Old Madam Han’s pulse and prescribed another batch of medicine for her to aid in her recuperation.

As Qiao Weiyang did not want to reveal her medical skills, the Han family kept their mouths shut about this matter in front of the other guests.

However, their attitude toward Qiao Weiyang was visibly respectful.

When Qiao Jierou walked in, she saw this scene.
Everyone spoke to Qiao Weiyang as if she was the most distinguished guest tonight.

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