Chapter 199: Chapter199 Indulged in Such a Morning

But she was too sleepy, and she felt so relieved to be with him.
Su Bei muttered and closed her eyes.

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Lu Heting put her on the bed.
She had already fallen asleep.

Lu Heting lowered his eyes and looked at her rosy lips.
He paused for a few seconds and got close to her.

“Don’t disturb me.” With a grunt in her sleep, Su Bei turned over and turned her back to Lu Heting.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Lu Heting clenched his fists and coughed.
He had always been proud of his self-control, but he had lost control over her again and again.

He turned around and lay down on the sofa, but couldn’t fall asleep.

Su Bei was his girl and his legitimate wife, but he could only restrain himself.

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Maybe there were no other husbands a lot worse off than him.

Outside the window, the wind and waves washed over the ship.
They also washed over Lu Heting’s nerves.

The next day, when Su Bei woke up, it was already dawn.

“Let’s have breakfast first.” Standing next to her, Lu Heting was rolling up his sleeves and pouring coffee and milk, revealing a strong arm.

He was wearing a white shirt.
It seemed that he was in low spirits, but his lips were slightly raised, and there was a trace of affection in his eyes.

The milk was for Su Bei, and the coffee was specially prepared for himself.

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It could be said that Lu Heting didn’t sleep well last night.
He needed a cup of coffee to wake up.

Only when Su Bei smelled the food did she find that she was starving.

She hadn’t eaten much during the busy night last night, so she was already hungry.

She raised her eyes and looked at the direction of the smell of the food.
The first thing she saw was the tall and straight back of Lu Heting, and his unhurried movements.
Su Bei was almost indulged in such a scene.

“Let’s eat something.” Hearing the sound, Lu Heting turned around and chuckled.

Su Bei sat up in a hurry.
She was absent-minded for a while just now.

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After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she sat at the table and gulped down her food.

The window of Lu Heting’s room was opened.
The sea breeze blew in, making them feel cool and comfortable.

Su Bei couldn’t help but feel amazed.
“Sure enough, the room on the top floor is different from the one below.
The view here is so good.
From a distance, you can see the sea and the sky.
In the room downstairs, you can only see other ships.”

“Next time you come over, we can live on the top floor.” Lu Heting said in a low voice, taking a sip of his black coffee.

“You reminded me.
I don’t know how to go downstairs later.” Su Bei put down the food and went to see the situation of downstairs in a hurry.

The deck downstairs was crowded with celebrities and reporters.

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As for the top floor, it was known to all that there were several big bosses living there.
People downstairs didn’t fit in with these big bosses.

There was only one stair on the road to the bottom.
If Su Bei went down from here, she could imagine what people would say about her.

Even if she told others that Lu Heting was her husband, no one would believe her.

Besides, she didn’t plan to announce it to the public.

“Oh my God.
I made an appointment to be interviewed later,” Su Bei scratched her head.

Lu Heting also understood her concern.
He could imagine how much criticism would be aroused if she just went downstairs like this.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Lu Heting stood up.
His voice was steady and powerful, making people feel that he was always trustworthy.

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