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He had tried repeatedly to expel this little face from his mind for five years, but to no avail.

Now, this face with beautiful red lips and arched eyebrows was right in front of him.
All he felt was the urge to punish her severely.

Sensing the anger building up in the man in front of her, Su Bei said in a low voice, “Mr.
Lu, please give me your phone number.
We can talk after you calm down…”

The rest of Su Bei’s words were muffled by the thin lips that crashed onto hers.

After a few seconds, Lu Heting pulled back from the kiss and said in a husky voice, “Why don’t we talk now? In this way.”

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“You bastard!” Sensing the flirty implication in his tone, Su Bei lost her calmness.

“Or do you need to take a shower first?” Lu Heting’s voice was completely seductive.

“Take a shower?” A bad feeling rose in Su Bei’s heart.
Did he think that just because of the marriage certificates, he could sleep with her?

She looked at Lu Heting.
Lu, I don’t understand what you mean.”

“I don’t believe that.
After all, you are a very forward woman.”

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Feeling a little offended, Su Bei frowned and furrowed her delicate eyebrows.
“I admit that I came to you on my own initiative, but it was not for the reason you think.
We are just a nominal couple.
Lu, you should be very clear about this.”

“I just want to know whether you do this only with me or with every man.” Lu Heting’s voice was low and his eyes turned cold.

“If I remember correctly, you’re the one who invited me to come to your room.” With a sneer on her lips, Su Bei continued, “Or, Mr.
Lu, do you play such tricks on every woman?”

This man had been blessed with stunning good looks.
There were probably many women who had been captivated by his tricks.

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