Chapter 194: Chapter194 You Are More Beautiful than Jin Xiu’s Clothes

Seeing Su Bei’s performance tonight, some brands immediately took a fancy to her performance, so they couldn’t wait to offer clothes.

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In this industry, a person’s own ability was more important than anything else!

Su Bei smiled, “Okay, I’ll change it right away.
Lv Shan, you can go ahead with your work.
I can change it myself.”

She took two pictures of herself when she was wearing Jin Xiu’s clothes and sent them to Lu Heting.
Last time, Lu Heting accompanied her to take part in the commercial shooting of Jin Xiu.
He should not have thought that she would cooperate with Jin Xiu again, right?

She wanted to make him happy.

By the way, she also sent a picture to Lin Yu.
He must not be there just now.
After he received the prize, maybe he hid in a corner to eat.

Lu Heting replied soon, “You are more beautiful than Jin Xiu’s clothes.”

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Su Bei couldn’t help but chuckle.
He didn’t like to talk very much.
But his words always made her blush.

Did the Lu Group have a special class for flirting with girls?

The handsome face of Lu Heting appeared in Su Bei’s mind, and she quickly drove him out of her mind.
She wondered if he had appeared in her mind too frequently recently.

Su Bei didn’t reply.
She had changed her clothes and went to the banquet soon.
There were still a lot of social engagements.

Lu Heting was playing the live broadcast on the top floor of the ship.

People once said that Su Bei didn’t deserve the prize because she was inexperienced.
So Su Bei was questioned.
Tonight, Su Bei had convinced everyone with her real ability.

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This scene not only made him happy, but also made him feel very proud.

If it weren’t for the inconvenience of showing up downstairs, Lu Heting would have gone downstairs to accompany her in person.

He tried his best to control himself not to go downstairs.
He told himself that they were on the same ship.
So it was also a kind of company.

He waited patiently.
After the celebration downstairs was over, he would go downstairs to find her and celebrate for her in person.

Finally, the dinner party and ball came to an end, and Su Bei had enough social engagements.

After saying good night to Lin Yu and Lv Shan, Su Bei walked towards her room.

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As soon as she entered a place where no one was around, she took off her high heels and held them in her hands.
After walking for half a night in this pair of shoes, her feet were almost swollen.

When she was about to open the door, several men appeared behind her.
One of them punched on the back of Su Bei’s neck, and her mind went blank.

The man reached out his hands to catch her.
He lifted her up horizontally, and directly sent her to the room booked by Mr.
Chen and Mr.
Wang on the top floor.

He gave her an injection, which could make her lose control when she saw a man next.

Today, Mr.
Chen and Mr.
Wang couldn’t persuade Lu Heting to stay, nor could they get the chance to cooperate with him.
That was why they came up with this idea.

It was said that Lu Heting had never been interested in women.
There were no women around him, including his assistant and secretary team.
These were the things they had already known

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But today, Mr.
Chen and Mr.
Wang saw with their own eyes that Lu Heting showed a gentle smile to the female artist named Su Bei.

Of course, they had to seize this opportunity!

“I didn’t expect Mr.
Lu to like this type.
Tut, tut, tut, I wish we’d known about it beforehand.” Mr.
Chen was filled with remorse because he didn’t know Lu Heting’s personal preferences before.

Wang smiled and patted him on the shoulder.
“It’s not too late to know now.
Our business will be a success soon.”

The two fat men looked at each other and smiled, both full of confidence.

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