the floor where Lu Heting’s room was.

When she arrived at the door, she took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

“Come in,” said a man inside in a cold and clear voice.

She pushed the door open and walked in.
Lu Heting was sitting on the sofa, looking more indifferent and alienated than before.

In a short time, it seemed that he had gotten much colder.

Su Bei looked at him secretly from the corner of her eyes.
Thinking that Da Bao would also look like him when he grew up, she felt happy.
After all, her son had such a handsome father.

Lu… Mr.
Lu, do you remember me now?” she asked politely.

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“No,” Lu Heting answered coldly.

Su Bei was rendered speechless upon hearing his single-word answer.
But then, she put on a bright smile and asked, “Then, can we know each other now?”

“That sounds good,” he replied plainly.

She still smiled.
“I really thought that Mr.
Lu would never see me again.”

Actually, Lu Heting really had such a plan.

After all, she just disappeared five years ago, and he didn’t even know why.
Time passed by in a flash.
Now, she came back.

Who did she think he was? A disposable man that she used and then just discarded?

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However, after seeing the gift she gave him, he changed his mind.


Lu, please forgive me if I sound intrusive.
But, may I ask you a question?” Su Bei said straightforwardly.

Lu Heting squinted at her.
“You’ve already made intrusions more than once tonight.
So, what’s the harm in making another one?”

Su Bei pursed her lips and asked, “Mr.
Lu, have you signed the divorce agreement that year?”

Lu Heting’s Adam’s apple churned up and down violently.

Su Bei’s question was so lethal that it hit the bottom of his heart hard.
He almost knocked over the coffee cup on the table.

The last time he behaved like this was when he received the divorce agreement.

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