Chapter 188: Chapter 188 Deserved the Title

Su Bei didn’t really expect to meet Lu Heting here today.

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However, he must be busy with his work.
She was also busy with the celebration, so they couldn’t get the chance to see each other in private.

Lv Shan brought Su Bei’s dress and smiled apologetically.
“Su Bei, I wanted to borrow a dress from an international luxury brand for you, but I found that the size was wrong, so I had to change it with a local brand.”

Since Su Bei resolved Luo Li’s issue on her own, Lv Shan had become more polite to her.

“International brands and domestic brands are all the same, aren’t they? As long as the dress looks good on me, I don’t mind wearing it.
And who says domestic brands are not okay?” Su Bei didn’t care about it at all.

Lv Shan appreciated her open-mindedness.
“Although you don’t mind, people outside and inside the entertainment industry always keep an eye on you.
Fortunately, you are not the protagonist tonight, so it doesn’t matter what you wear.”

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Su Bei nodded.
She would rather keep a low profile than become an ostentatious person.

Su Huixian, who was already changing her clothes, looked more radiant.
While helping her change, Qiu Minxuan said, “The dress sent by Mr.
Luo is a limited edition, and it hasn’t been sold in the local market yet.
Not everyone can buy it.”

She deliberately loudened her voice for Su Bei to hear.

Lv Shan was about to retort, but Su Bei grabbed her wrist and said, “Lv Shan, please help me with my makeup.”

If Su Bei got angry every time she heard Du Luo’s name from Qiu Minxuan’s mouth, then she would have to be furious all the time.

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She didn’t think he was worth her anger for even one second.

A man like him didn’t deserve her time and emotions.
She was not stupid to get angry at that.

There were too many people and things in her life worth cherishing and embracing.

After making sure that her makeup was okay, Su Bei, together with Lv Shan, appeared at the event first.

Lu Heting, who was on the top deck, had planned to send Su Bei a better dress.

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However, the message he received from Jin Xiu made him give up this idea.
For the time being, he didn’t take any action.
It didn’t matter if Su Bei was wearing a cheap dress.
What awaited her was the best finery.

Feng Shang’s 20th-anniversary celebration was grandiose.
The decoration of the venue was exquisite.
The soothing music, accompanied by the guests’ footsteps and laughter, made the place extremely extravagant.

As soon as Su Bei entered the hall, she heard people whispering to each other.

“Feng Shang is going to select Miss and Mr.
Perfect tonight.
I wonder who will have such good luck.”

“Well, it’s not only an honor given by a magazine.
This award is also important in the fashion industry.
People who get this award will get steady streams of endorsement from luxury brands in the future.”

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“I’m sure that Lin Yu will be Mr.
Since he is the cover boy of this edition, Feng Shang’s sales skyrocketed all the way.
You know, one of the requirements to succeed in the competition is the contribution to the sales.”

“I just don’t know who Miss Perfect will be.
It’s too hard to guess.
The female supermodels look almost the same.”

Su Bei didn’t pay much attention to what they were talking about.
Winning a prize would depend on many things.

She was just a fledgling, so she didn’t compare herself with those young celebrities and movie stars who had been on the cover this year.

But as for Lin Yu, of course, he deserved the title Mr.

Just as Su Bei was lost in thought, a group of foreigners suddenly came in.
They were led by Director Baizen, the director during the commercial shoot of Jin Xiu.

A group of people surrounded him.

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