>Wei Lan, Su Bei, and Lin Yu walked into the studio.
At this moment, everyone stopped working upon seeing them.

With a stern and indifferent look on her face, Wei Lan walked in front of everyone.

Since Su Bei had just finished shooting, she was only wrapped in a bath towel, and her hair was in disarray.
Now that she followed behind Wei Lan, she looked a little embarrassed.

Because she thought of her mother just now and marveled at Da Bao’s ability, she was a bit emotional.
Her eyes were still red and even wet.
It was as if she had cried after being scolded.

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Lin Yu stood next to Su Bei.
His handsome jade-like face was expressionless.

The crowd started whispering to each other.
“It seems that the photo was really taken on purpose.
What a vicious woman! How could she do such a thing?”

“Meng Meng is so cute.
How could she have the heart to hurt the little girl?”

“Her face is as beautiful as a flower, but her heart is as vicious as a snake.
That’s Su Bei’s true nature.
She’s horrible.
I don’t want to work with someone like her.”

Luo Li felt relieved.
She guessed that Wei Lan didn’t find anything in her memory card and still suspected Su Bei just like the netizens on the Internet.

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She could totally get rid of any suspicion now.

Su Huixian was also secretly pleased.
She thought inwardly, ‘Although Luo Li did something stupid, the result was a miracle.
Su Bei couldn’t turn the tables now.’

Standing in front of everyone, Wei Lan said lightly, “I’m sure everyone has known what happened today.
I want to say something solemnly here.

Feng Shang is one of the most famous magazines in the country.
What are the standards in choosing its partners? First, moral quality, and second, fame.
What we hope to bring to our readers is positive energy, not false glitz.

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