Chapter 174: Chapter 174 An Inferior Artist

Luo Li breathed a sigh of relief and thought to herself, ‘At that time, everyone would think that Su Bei just wants to clear her suspicion, so she casually accuses me.
No one will believe her.’

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After shooting, Su Huixian received the scandal soon.

Qiu Minxuan stood beside her and said, “Huixian, look at Su Bei.
She is really a troublemaker.
But what she does will eventually backfire.
She could do anything for the sake of fame, but she would never end well.”

Su Huixian nodded gently with a very gentle smile on her face.
It seemed that Su Bei was not able to clarify the matter.
So Su Bei might not be able to be on the cover of Feng Shang this time.

Not to mention that Feng Shang didn’t like to hire inferior artists, if Su Bei really pushed the daughter of the editor in chief of Feng Shang into the water, Su Bei would lose all the trust of Wei Lan!

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Su Huixian looked in the direction of Su Bei.
Su Bei just finished the shooting.
When Su Bei saw the news, she frowned tightly.

She didn’t know that the assistant photographer had posted the photo of her saving people, nor did she know what had happened.
What an unexpected affliction!

She didn’t know anything about it, but she got a negative title in the shocking news.

The assistant photographer ran to Su Bei and said apologetically, “Su Bei, it was me who posted your photo, but I really didn’t know what happened later.
I’m sorry to cause you so much trouble.”

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“Did you take other photos?” Su Bei asked.

Kang asked me to follow you and take some hidden scenes for you.
So when the accident happened, I caught the picture of you saving people, but I didn’t take any other photos.” The assistant photographer said with guilt.

Because his attention was on Su Bei, he really didn’t see anything else.

Su Bei knew that it must be the people in the studio who did it.

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Today, journalists and paparazzi didn’t come to the studio to take pictures.
Everyone stayed in the studio for the shooting, and they even ordered takeout for lunch.
If the marketing account could make such a big news and throw mud to her so quickly, it must have something to do with the people here!

No matter who it was, Su Bei must find the person out!

She turned to look at Su Huixian, who was looking at her with a relaxed and proud smile on her face.
It seemed that Su Huixian and Su Bei were still good sisters.

It was not Su Huixian.
At least, Su Huixian didn’t do it in person.
Su Bei remembered that when the accident happened, Su Huixian was shooting.

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She then looked at Luo Li.
She remembered that Luo Li was near Meng Meng when the accident happened.

“Su Bei, come to my office with me!” Wei Lan’s voice came from behind, with an unpredictable serious expression on her face.

Turning around, Su Bei picked up a bath towel and wrapped it around her body.
Then she went to Wei Lan’s office.

Wei Lan sat down on the chair and said lightly, “Su Bei, what on earth have you done? I want to hear the truth!”

“Editor in chief, I did nothing but save Meng Meng.” There was no sign of evasion in Su Bei’s eyes.

“Meng Meng told me that she felt someone pushed her.
Although she is just a child, I believe that she won’t lie.
Su Bei, tell me the truth now.
I can give you another chance.
Otherwise, I will call the police…” Wei Lan felt sorry for her daughter.
She was also infuriated by the news on the Internet.

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