hat her fingernails dug into her palms.
If she couldn’t find a way to save herself, she would really become a nobody this time.

Luo Li frowned, thinking of a way.

Seeing Meng Meng standing next to Wei Lan, she came up with an idea.
At present, it seemed that this was the only way to save herself.

In a short while, she found the opportunity.

There were two swimming pools in the studio, which were a bit far from each other.

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The rest of the people were shooting in the first swimming pool while Wei Lan went to the office to chat with Lin Yu.

Meng Meng was playing with Wei Lan’s secretary by the other swimming pool where no shooting was going on.

Luo Li set up the camera, put it aside, and walked towards them.

Meng Meng wanted to drink juice, but the secretary couldn’t leave her alone.
So when she saw that Luo Li was approaching them, she was relieved.
She went to get juice for Meng Meng.

Taking advantage of the secretary’s departure, Luo Li walked towards Meng Meng and stood behind the little girl.

Then she secretly stretched out her evil hand and gently pushed Meng Meng into the swimming pool.

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Meng Meng was playing happily, and her two little feet were randomly paddling in the water.
So when she was pushed into the swimming pool, she was caught off guard and fell defenselessly.
She slapped the water frantically, wanting to cry for help.
But she didn’t even have the strength to make a sound.

Her little head went in and out of the water, and her little hands were helplessly trying to grab something.
However, she was too small, and she had no ability to cope with the situation at all.
She could only helplessly let the water submerge her.

Luo Li was about to jump into the swimming pool to save her.

But before she could make a move, a graceful figure leaped into the swimming pool one step ahead of her.
The person quickly lifted Meng Meng out of the water, took her to the poolside, and swiftly performed first aid to revive her.

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