Chapter 156: Chapter 156 Has Always Wanted to Be Da Bao’s Father

A large number of fans gathered outside the studio.

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After shooting for a long time, Lin Yu was very tired.
Su Bei found a man’s suit, took it in her hand, and said to him, “You and your agent can go out through the back door.
I will leave through the front door.”

“Hey, Xiao Bei, how about my hotpot?” Lin Yu was thinking about all the food she owed him.

“Once your fans are gone, I will definitely come to the back door to find you.” When they were in the United States, she promised to take him to a hotpot restaurant.
But Da Bao suddenly had a fever, so she was not able to fulfill her promise.

Su Bei was tall, so she just put on a man’s suit casually and went out.
A wave of crazy fans outside immediately swarmed to her.

“Lin Yu! Lin Yu!” “Lin Yu!” The screams of the crowd were so loud that her eardrums were about to break.

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The fans only realized that it was not Lin Yu when Su Bei removed the suit.

At this moment, Lin Yu had already walked out of the back door.
If Su Bei had not taken the initiative to attract the attention of his fans, he didn’t know how long he would have to stay here.

When Su Bei met him at the back door, she took a photo of his side face.

What a perfect face! Even though she just took a candid shot, he was still very handsome.

“Why are you taking a photo of me? Do you have a crush on me? Do you want my autograph too?” Lin Yu grabbed Su Bei’s phone and looked at his photo she had taken.
Then he got in the car with her.

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The agent knew that he and Su Bei had a lot of catching up to do, so she consciously got out of the car.
But before she left, she repeatedly reminded Su Bei, “Su Bei, keep an eye on Lin Yu.
I will leave him to you.
If anything happens to him, I have to hold you responsible for anything.”

“Don’t worry, I will never let anything happen to him.
Go ahead.” Su Bei then started the car.

Lin Yu was very satisfied with the photo taken by Su Bei and enjoyed looking at it for a few seconds.

Su Bei said to him, “I let so many of your fans wait outside for so long.
So this photo is a little consolation for them.
You can post it online.
To help you escape, I have become the bad guy and let them wait in vain.
I feel so sorry for them.”

“Okay.” Lin Yu then posted the photo on Weibo.

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In just a short while, the number of likes and shares surged.

“By the way, why did you come back?” Su Bei felt strange.
Actually, she didn’t have plans of inviting Lin Yu to be his partner.
It just so happened that while she was thinking about who she should invite, he sent her a message on WeChat and volunteered to be her partner.

“Because I miss my Da Bao,” Lin Yu replied affectionately.
Then he turned to look at her.
“Xiao Bei, have you returned Da Bao?”

“Not yet.
Da Bao said that he wants to observe Lu Heting’s situation again.”

A puzzled look surfaced on Lin Yu’s face.
“I don’t understand, Xiao Bei.
We all feel that you are too impulsive this time.
Why do you suddenly want Da Bao to know his father? What happened? Is he really that good? You just don’t know how much I miss Da Bao.”

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Su Bei smiled.
“Why can’t Da Bao know his father? Everyone wants to know who their father is, right?”

Only Lin Moli knew about her illness.

She didn’t tell her other friends that she was sick.

One reason was that she didn’t want them to worry about her.
And the other reason was that there were too many people who wanted to raise Da Bao.
She didn’t want to cause chaos.

For her, no one was more suitable to raise a four-year-old child than the child’s own father.

Lin Yu leaned towards Su Bei.
“That man has always wanted to be Da Bao’s father.
You know that, right?”

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