Chapter 150: Chapter 150 I Want to Be the Mother of Your Children

It seemed that Su Bei was still looking for a partner.

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Luo Li smiled and asked, “Su Bei, where is your partner? Is he not coming?”

“No one in the entertainment industry will refuse to shoot a video for Feng Shang.
So as long as Su Bei has contacted someone, he will definitely come.
The only problem is, she doesn’t have any friends in the entertainment industry.
She doesn’t even have any actor’s phone number.
How can she get in touch with anyone?” one of Su Huixian’s friends said.

“Ha-ha!” Luo Li laughed out loud.
“Su Bei, do you want us to find a partner for you? We all have our partners, but you don’t have yours yet.
The photographer will definitely not give you too many scenes later.
If this matter gets out, others may say that we are bullying you.”

“Su Bei, how about I ask Minxuan to find you a partner?” Su Huixian chimed in with concern.

Qiu Minxuan smiled and said, “Well, I can find a partner for her.
But the time now is so limited that I can’t possibly find someone suitable to her temperament.
She has to make do with the partner I can get for her.”

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Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan obviously didn’t really want to help.
They just wanted to humiliate Su Bei.

If she agreed, Qiu Minxuan would find her a faceless comedian.
By that time, while everyone was enjoying the beautiful shots, she would become a joke.

“You guys shoot with your partners first.
My partner is on the way,” Su Bei said without raising her head.
She was still typing on her phone.

The others all covered their mouths and laughed.
It was not that they didn’t want to help Su Bei.
But their world was so realistic.
If she couldn’t seize the opportunity by herself, there was nothing they could do.

In particular, the resources in the entertainment industry were like a pie.
Everyone wanted to take a bite.
If you ate more, others would eat less.

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Su Bei now had the chance to take a bite, but she couldn’t because of her limited ability.
So everyone could only feel sorry for her.

Kang Peng, Feng Shang’s photographer, strode towards Su Huixian and Zhuang Wenhao.

Even if he was Feng Shang’s photographer, his opportunity to shoot with the best actor was rare.
This opportunity might become the pinnacle of his career.

“Huixian, Mr.
Zhuang, let’s shoot first,” he said, letting them take the lead in this group.

The other models and their respective partners had no objection to this.
After all, they were a bit less famous than Zhuang Wenhao.

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Su Huixian glanced at Su Bei.
Her partner hadn’t come yet.
Su Huixian couldn’t help but feel complacent.
‘Even if her partner comes, he must be a nobody.
This time, I’ll take the cover and the front pages of Feng Shang.’

Su Bei sent a message on WeChat, “Why aren’t you here yet? There is no traffic jam today, right?”

“Come and save me.
I’m at the door.” The man did not reply to her message but directly called her.
She could hear the sound of footsteps and deafening noise in the background.

Su Bei was taken aback for a moment.
Then she rushed outside.

She saw a sea of people at the door.
Most of them were young women from all walks of life.

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Someone screamed at the top of her voice, “Lin Yu, I love you! I want to be the mother of your children.
Take a look at me.”

“Even if you don’t spare a glance at me, it’s enough for me to take a look at you.”

“Oh my God! I’m finally seeing him with my own eyes right now.
His skin is fairer, and he is more handsome in person.
Oh, I’m going to faint!”

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