little head and put his forehead against hers.

It was such an intimate act that Su Bei was almost indulged in his affection.

But she immediately came back to her senses and hurriedly moved away from him.
“All right.
Close your eyes and have a rest now.
I’m going to drive.
Don’t open your eyes, okay?”

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“Okay.” Lu Heting closed his eyes obediently.
Of course, he wouldn’t want to disobey her even a bit.

She spoke to him in such a voice that made him feel he would do anything for her.
If she needed him, he would be there for her.

Su Bei played a piece of soft music and slowly drove home with Lu Heting.

After Lu Heting closed his eyes, the lines on his face became softer, and he looked less solemn.

He was very similar to Da Bao.
He was as handsome as the most outstanding work of a Greek sculptor.
Every line of his face was like a masterpiece that was carefully carved.

He treated her well, so she certainly wanted to repay him.
She also hoped that he could treat Da Bao the way he treated her in the future.

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But Su Bei knew that theirs was not romantic love.

Lu Heting didn’t need such kind of love, and she wouldn’t dare to ask for it from him either.
For her, the kinship ties they had were already enough.

When they got home, Gun Gun immediately ran towards Su Bei and hugged her thighs.

Then she handed him to Lu Heting and said, “Good boy, go and accompany Daddy first, okay? I’m going to bake the cupcakes now, so you can have them later.”

Watching Su Bei’s back, Gun Gun said, “My little cutie is so nice!”

“Yes, she is.” Tenderness filled Lu Heting’s heart, and his eyes were thick and bottomless.

“I will definitely marry her when I grow up!” Gun Gun clenched his fists and swore to himself that he would keep Su Bei by his side.

“How about having her as your mommy? Have you ever thought about it?” Lu Heting was displeased with the fact that another man wanted to covet Su Bei.
Even if that man was Gun Gun.

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