Heting was a little stunned.
“You’re coming to pick me up?”

Su Bei replied in a girlish voice, “Mr.
Weijian said that you are not in a good condition.
How can I let you drive home by yourself? So I’m coming to take you home.”

“Okay.” Tenderness and warmth surged up from the bottom of his heart like catkins fluttering gently.

At the thought of her delicate and beautiful face, his grip on the phone slightly tightened.

Su Bei had already hung up, but Lu Heting was still unwilling to let go of the phone in his hand.

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After a long time, he turned around, threw the phone to Lu Weijian, and said, “Everyone has worked hard, so you can get off work on time.
But what is not done today must be finished in the next three days.”

Thanks to Su Bei, everyone was given three days to finish their work.

They were overjoyed.
They didn’t know who the caller was, but how could that person be so capable?

Actually, Lu Weijian only gave it a try.
But he didn’t expect that Su Bei, who he had never seen yet, was so capable.

He was really impressed.
Now he was convinced of her ability.

It seemed that he had to establish a good relationship with her sooner.

After arranging everyone’s work, Lu Heting picked up his coat and walked out.

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“Brother, where are you going? Take me with you, please.”

“You just are an encumbrance,” Lu Heting said faintly.

Treated as a burden, Lu Weijian was consequently left behind.

Lu Heting went to the underground parking lot early and waited for Su Bei to pick him up.

It was not convenient to park the car outside Lu Group, so Su Bei would surely come to the underground parking.
He didn’t want her to wait for him here because this place didn’t have enough light.
So he would rather wait for her in advance.

Thinking that she came to pick him up, the remaining anger in his heart totally disappeared.

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