Chapter 121: Chapter 121 His Girl Was the Best

Lu Heting grabbed her clothes.
He also grabbed a bathrobe and walked towards Su Bei.

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“Are…are you here?” A flush of embarrassment appeared on Su Bei’s fair face.
She acted so free and easy just now, but who would have thought that her clothes would hit him after that?

“Yes, I’m here.” Lu Heting unfolded the bathrobe to cover her.
With a doting smile, he put her clothes into the washing machine.

With a red face, Su Bei ran into the bathroom and closed the door.
When she remembered that he was holding her clothes with his long and elegant fingers, her mind was still full of a bewildering array of emotions.

After taking a shower, she got changed and put on her pajamas.

Lu Heting was helping her tidy up the clothes that had been washed and dried.

He was dealing with her underwear naturally.
He rolled up his white sleeves, showing his strong wrists.

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His action made Su Bei blush again.
“Well, I prefer to do it myself.”

“How was the shooting today?” He asked casually, indicating that he had finished tidying up.

Su Bei came back to her senses from her nervous state.
“Very good.
Today I finished the print advertisement, and tomorrow I will shoot the advertising video.
It will take several days to shoot.”

“I know you can do it.” Lu Heting’s eyes sparkled with affirmation, praise and confidence.

His girl was the best!

The next day, Su Bei appeared at the scene early in the morning to prepare.

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Su Huixian looked good.
After Su Bei left yesterday, Baizen left her alone to shoot for two more hours, which greatly increased her confidence.

As long as her publicity photos and videos were online, they would surely attract a lot of people and be popular.

There would be a sharp contrast between her and Su Bei.

She changed her clothes confidently and prepared to shoot with Su Bei.

According to Baizen, they needed to wear Jin Xiu’s clothes today, and they needed to hold the embroidered umbrellas in the rain.
They needed to walk briskly and dance while walking.
They needed to show the classical dance of S Country.
Besides, they should also show the classical beauty blended with the modern beauty.

Most of the Jin Xiu’s clothes were embroidered.
Jin Xiu made changes to its clothes, so that people could wear them to attend parties, to walk down the red carpets.
Even common people could wear them in their daily lives.

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Shooting print advertisements was very easy for most models, but dancing was a much greater test for them.

This was also a shooting plan proposed by Baizen after he talked with Su Bei and Su Huixian yesterday and knew that they had learned dancing before.

“Is there any problem?” Baizen asked.

Both Su Bei and Su Huixian signaled that everything was okay.

Su Bei had been learning dancing since she was a child and had a solid foundation of the basic skills.

On the other hand, Su Huixian had always insisted on competing with Su Bei in everything, so she had been very strict with herself and dared not get slack at her work all these years.

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However, although she was a self-critical person, her ability was no match for Su Bei’s talent.
So she was very wary of Su Bei.

In the past five years, she didn’t know much about what had happened to Su Bei.
But she had trained very hard.
So she guessed that Su Bei must have been no match for her.

So when Baizen proposed to dance yesterday, she agreed without hesitation.

“If there is no problem, just get ready to shoot.”

After changing their clothes, Su Huixian and Su Bei held up the embroidered classical umbrellas.

With the drizzle, they slowly walked over from afar.

They were dressed in classical clothes and walked at a brisk pace with the calm expressions.
The scene looked like an ink wash painting.

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