Chapter 118: Chapter118 Digging Her Own Grave

“Su Bei, get ready for tomorrow’s shooting.
Fan Yinfang will not cancel your endorsement,” Lu Heting said calmly and rationally.

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Lv Shan and Su Bei both looked at him.

“Jin Xiu is a big brand.
Fan Yinfang can’t possibly make such a decision by herself.
She has already appointed Su Huixian as one of the brand ambassadors.
I don’t think that she will be able to decide on the other one.
Even Director Baizen will not allow her to do that easily.
Many eyes are on her in the company.
She can’t make mistakes.
So she doesn’t dare to cancel your endorsement for the time being.”

Lv Shan and Su Bei both realized that Lu Heting’s words made sense, so they calmed down.

Su Bei nodded and said, “I think so too.
So I don’t want to fawn on her anymore.
But of course, if she is really stronger than we think, then we will accept the result.”

Stars seemed to shine brightly in her dark eyes, and she looked very beautiful.
Although she was anxious to make money, she calmly faced the current situation.
She would never give up and feel sorry for herself.

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“Heting, you know a lot.
What you said makes sense.” She really admired him.
He usually didn’t talk much.
But every time he opened his mouth, he always got the key points.

“I always listen to my boss when he deals with things, so I’ve learned naturally.”

Su Bei’s bright eyes looked at Lu Heting seriously.
He was in a good mood, so he looked down at her

and said in a low voice, “There may be some twists and turns in the shooting this time, but don’t worry Just focus on your job.
With Fan Yinfang’s ability, the highest position she can get in her career is just being a manager.”

Lu Heting was always right, so Su Bei believed his words.

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Lu Heting wouldn’t do anything to Fan Yinfang because she didn’t deserve it.

But he could already tell from her arrogance that she was digging her own grave.

The next day, Su Bei and Lv Shan arrived at the shooting location on time.
Sure enough, no one told them that Su Bei was replaced.

It seemed that Fan Yinfang was not that powerful to do it yet.

Su Huixian arrived at the location with Du Luo.
They already knew that Director Baizen had chosen Su Bei.

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Su Huixian lost to Su Bei in the Orisa Fashion Show last time.
This time, she was determined to beat Su Bei in the advertisement of Jin Xiu.

She must choose the best clothes to show the best oriental costumes.

Jin Xiu’s clothing line was divided into two major categories.

One was called Jiao Yang, and the other was called Ming Yue.
They were in accordance with the ancient culture of S country.

In the Jiao Yang category, the embroideries of the clothes were complicated.
And the colors were distinct and elegant.
They gave the wearers pleasant and colorful feelings, and they were the most eye-catching.

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As for the Ming Yue category, the colors were conservative and not very eye-catching.
The embroideries were light and elegant but intricate and skillful.

Obviously, the clothes in Jiao Yang were more brilliant and eye-catching in front of the camera.

Su Huixian picked a set with the most outstanding colors and went to the dressing room to change.

Since she had chosen a set of clothes from the Jiao Yang category, of course, Su Bei couldn’t choose the same.

So she picked up a moon-white jacket with buttons down the front and a dress of the same color.
She then went to the dressing room to change as well.

Su Bei usually dressed simply.
And when she changed into these ordinary and light-colored clothes and stood next to Su Huixian, she was obviously overshadowed by Su Huixian.

The staff around them were a little surprised.
“It turns out that the one chosen by the higher-ups looks better than the one chosen by Director Baizen.
Is this a strategy to use Su Bei as a foil to Su Huixian?”

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