ed when he spoke, so she guessed that he was thinking of Su Bei.

Su Bei was so vicious that she threw Xu Meiqi into prison, but he was still thinking of her.

“Why didn’t Su Bei get on the plane?” Su Huixian asked, pretending to care about Su Bei.

The cabin door was already closed, and there were still two empty seats.

She thought to herself, ‘Su Bei must have realized that she can’t make it, so she decided not to go.
It seems that she is not that stupid.’

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Du Luo also saw that there were two empty seats, and Su Bei wasn’t there.
He thought that she must have been sad seeing him with Su Huixian, so she gave up the job.

Su Bei was now in the private plane and arrived at the hotel in the United states before them.

Lv Shan had initially booked a cheap hotel for them, but Lu Heting asked Su Bei to stay with him.

Lv Shan just agreed and went with them.
After all, it could help reduce their expenses, which was better than expected.

The hotel booked by Lu Heting looked ordinary on outside.
It didn’t even have an official name.
It seemed worse than the one booked by Lv Shan.

“He’s just a driver, after all.” Lv Shan had already inquired about Lu Heting’s identity from Su Bei, so she was not surprised that he took them to such a hotel.

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But when she walked in with Lu Heting and Su Bei, she saw that it was totally different inside.

The yard was full of blooming flowers, showing a splendid summer scene.
And the green grass was like a blanket, covering the entire yard.

The small but exquisite room had no exceptional decorations.
But one could feel the ingenuity and care of the layout.

It seemed that Lu Heting traveled for business frequently.
He could even find such a hidden hotel.

Su Bei was in a good mood.
She texted Da Bao and Gun Gun, telling them that she had arrived at the hotel.

“Heting, go ahead with your work.
I can already manage from here.”

Lu Group had a branch in the United States.
It was true that something had happened here recently, but Lu Heting didn’t need to come and deal with it by himself.

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