Chapter 101: Chapter 101 Give the Car up for Me

Needless to say, a large number of experts had worked to produce and debug this car.

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Even billionaires and powerful aristocrats couldn’t easily possess it.
Some could only dream of having it.

After hearing Manager Gao’s explanation, Su Bei got even more fascinated with the car.

“Manager Gao, this car is great!” she exclaimed with a smile.
But there was also a hint of regret in her eyes.
This car must cost a fortune.
How could she afford it?

Manager Gao also smiled and said, “Miss Su, you have a good vision.
You’ve been looking at this car for a long time already.
I can say that you are destined to own it.
I believe that owning a car is also a matter of fate.
Otherwise, the car won’t suit the person who wants it.”

Su Bei just took his words as a sales talk, so she didn’t pay much attention to the meaning hidden behind them.

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But she remembered Gun Gun and Da Bao.
Gun Gun had said that he liked this kind of car the most.
Da Bao told her that a car with an intelligent system was the best.
In her case, she liked the car’s dark color, which looked stable and imposing.

“Miss Su, if you have no problem with this car, I can place the order for you now,” Manager Gao said.

Su Bei was lost in thought.
She was struggling between giving it up and buying it.
At the same time, she was calculating the total amount in her bank account in her mind.

Su Huixian, who followed behind them, also stood in front of the car.
Her eyes showed that she was also yearning for it.

The two cars that the store manager introduced to her just now were far inferior to this car in terms of appearance, interior, and quality.

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Of course, Su Huixian wanted to buy something better.
She wouldn’t settle for something worse than Su Bei.

She couldn’t help but secretly glance at the store manager.
Why didn’t he introduce this car to her?

When the store manager noticed that Su Huixian glanced at him, he immediately understood that she was blaming him for not introducing this car to her.

The truth was, he didn’t know anything about this car, even the manufacturer, and the price.
How could he offer it to her?

There was even no logo on it.
So he thought that it was only an exhibit from a luxury car company.

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He decided to confirm it.
“Manager Gao, this car is not for sale, right?”

In his estimation, this car was worth at least five million yuan.
Could Su Bei afford it?

If Manager Gao wanted to do business well, how could he introduce such an expensive car to her?

Manager Gao glanced at the store manager and said, “This car can actually be sold.”

“Manager Gao, I want to know more about this car.
Can you tell me the details?” Su Huixian said with a smile.
She believed that Manager Gao would not refuse her.

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Manager Gao glanced at her and said calmly, “Miss Su Huixian, I think Miss Su Bei will buy this car, so I’m sorry.
I won’t bother to go into more details about it with you.
If you want, I can introduce another car to you.”

Su Huixian understood his refusal, but she still smiled and said, “Even if Su Bei will buy this, it won’t prevent me from ordering another one for myself, right? Unless there’s only one available.”

Xu Meiqi chimed in, “That’s right.
This car looks expensive.
This must cost more than five million yuan, right? Either Huixian’s father or fiance can buy it for her.
How about Su Bei? Is there any man who can buy it for her?”

“Meiqi!” Su Huixian stopped Xu Meiqi at once.
Saying such words in front of Manager Gao would not only embarrass Su Bei but would also make her look mean.

She then turned to Su Bei and smiled as if she never held a grudge against her.
“Su Bei, why don’t you just give up this car for me? I really like it.
If you let me have it, I will put in a good word for you in front of Dad.”

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