1.5 Mysterious uncle.

ire civilization.

However, Mo Helian chose to listen to him this once. He started training his spiritual energy since he was born, but later he would train both his body and his spiritual energy at the same time.

The power ranks in this world were divided in three level: First level, Advanced level and Supreme level.

The First level had 2 realms that you had to be proficient in, before advancing to the other level. The first was the Physical realm.

He had to train the flexibility, strength and many other aspects of his body. This was not hard for him. He would just train his body like he did in his past life.

What was more important to him now was the second realm. Even though he had an ability to attract spiritual energy in his body, that was it. He needed to learn slowly how to circulate it inside his body and how to maintain the circulation at all times.

This second realm was called the Spirit Realm. He had to learn how to manipulate his own spiritual energy and use it to defend himself.

At least, thats what the people in this world did. The books taught Mo Helian that he could also use this energy to attack, so he trained his spiritual energy in both offense and defense.

The First Level seemed to sound easy, but it was by no means so. Many people would be stuck at spiritual Realm and never achieve a higher power.

The talented people could achieve the Advanced Level, but it was extremely hard to even enter the Supreme Level.

Mo Helian was currently trying to master the First level, he was mostly focused on the Spiritual Realm though.

These six years, Mo Helian had trained his spiritual power with the help of the books that Jingyi had given him. He slowly started to understand what spiritual power was and how to accumulate it.

So now, he didn intend to have a physical fight with Hei Sian. He was only one six years old for f*cks sake.

He just wanted to let out his spiritual power, which he had concealed before and let Hei Sian see how capable and talented he was…for a six years old child.

From the conversation he heard, his mom needed this uncles help, so he would make him help them. That was his plan from the beginning.

Mo Helian didn intend to hold back at all. He immediately released his spiritual power, catching Hei Sian unprepared. His instinct told him it was a threat and he almost unleashed his own spiritual power. If he had done, he wouldve hurt the boy.

Hei Sian was feeling so guilty at that moment, he didn notice Mo Helian smirk just for a second.

A few seconds later, after seeing that Hei Sian was not reacting, with a dejected look on his face, he asked, ”Uncle…Am I not strong? ”

”No, no. You
e very strong. ” He responded immediately, but it seemed like the boy didn believe him.

Mo Helian lowered his head, his whole person looked disheartened, as if someone had just hurt him deeply. The person in question was staring at him with a perplexed expression on his face.

Jingyi was really surprised to see Mo Helians acting skills had improved to this level. All those years he had tried to teach Mo Helian how to act like a child, he thought Mo Helian didn even listen to him, but surprisingly, he took his lessons seriously. Jingyi was so proud of himself! He really was the best teacher ever!

On the other hand, Hei Sian was thinking that the situation made sense, since this was his friends child after all, of course he would have such a strong spiritual power. But he still needed facts.

So, he turned on his communicator and sent a message to Su Yiran. She came immediately, scared that something happened to her boy.

”Mo Helian, come to mommy. ” She was so frightened, she had to hold her baby to be sure he was safe.

Mo Helian complied and went towards his mother, letting her hold and hug him tightly.

”Its okay. ” Hei Sian assured her. ”Nothing happened, I told you. I just wanted to ask, have you ever done the assessment test on your son? ” He suddenly inquired, making Su Yiran a bit wary.

”No. Why do you ask? ”

The test they were talking about was the kind of examination that every child had to go through, preferably during the first years of their life, to see how much potential they would have in the future. The assessment had two parts, an examination of physical strength and another one of the spiritual power.

”Why not? ” He responded with another question.

Su Yiran pressed her lips together as if she was suppressing the intense emotions in her heart. When she managed to pull herself together, she put a cold smile on her face and replied. ”Mo Jinhan died because he was a soldier. I will not allow my son to walk the same path. ”

”How do you plan to exempt him from the military academy when the time comes? Every child is required to go under training to become a soldier. ”

”I know its mandatory for children to attend a military academy. However, if a child is disabled, how can he become a soldier? ” She responded, raising an eyebrow.

”Su Yiran! What the hell are you planning to do? ” The man suddenly stood up, too shocked to keep his composure.

This is the first time Mo Helian is hearing about his mothers plan too. He was not a bit surprised though. He knew Su Yiran was ruthless when needed, even to her own self. In this aspect, they were too much alike.

”I just want to obtain the benefits I receive as his widow. I also want the military benefits my son gets after his father died in the battlefield. And I want nothing more. Ill take my baby and go far away. In some forgotten planet that no one will even recognize us. ” She explained patiently.

”Is that what he wants? ” Hei Sian seemed a bit frustrated, he really felt like Su Yiran was wronging the child. She was totally wasting his talents.

”Thats the only way for him to stay alive. The safest path for me and him both. In case you haven noticed, all the Mo clan members want to get rid of us as soon as possible. ” Su Yiran used a calm tone, as if this issue didn bother her at all.

”So you don intend to fight at all? What about the child? What if he wants to become a soldier like his father? What if he hates you when he grows up? ”

”Did you even listen to me? We don have a choice. I already lost my husband. I can lose my child! Hes the only one I have left. I won allow anyone to harm him. ”

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