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there were only her who would celebrate this event wholeheartedly. Mo Helian wasn even interested in celebrating his own birthday.

The whole mansion was decorated in an extravagant way, it made Mo Helian speechless. However he couldn say anything, or else hed reak Su Yirans heart and suffer the consequences of it.

She would start crying immediately, asking him to comfort her and hug her so she wouldn be sad anymore.

Mo Helian knew very well this was just her way of getting some affection from her own son, which she desperately wanted. He wasn her son though, and he certainly didn consider Su Yiran as his mother. So he didn care that much.

Still, there was Jingyi in his mind who wouldn stop yelling at him and telling him what a horrible human being he was and how much he wanted to materialize and have a body of his own and be Su Yirans son so he could hug her all the time.

Mo Helian had noticed that the child probably hadn had any parent figure in his life, but he wouldn give Jingyi the chance to take control of his body again. That one time was an exception.

So, in order not to get a headache from the nonsense Jingyi kept babbling, he would just play along and let Su Yiran hug him occasionally. He would still avoid reaking her heart when he could though.

Over these years, Jingyi had provided Mo Helian with so much information that it almost made his head explode at first.

He went through it slowly and carefully though, not missing any detail.

This planet he was living in and many others were part of the Azaleas Federation, a nation where the power to sovereign was handed over to the military long ago, the moment The Black War between different nations had started. The war was still ongoing to this day.

At first, the state was put under martial law, by military authorities on an emergency basis, such as foreign invasion and a large scale war. This situation gave the military control of the normal civil functions temporarily.

However, with the passing of time, the war had no intention of stopping. In such a manner, the state was now run by military experts, who had exerted complete control over the government authority and the head of the state was the Commander-in-Chief of the army.

Since the war was still ongoing, the military has established a rule that all children will be trained to become soldiers from the early age of 10. In this world, being a soldier was the dream of most people. To Mo Helians surprise, the parents happily sent their kids to military academies.

To become a qualified soldier though, you were required to either have great strength, or have a high level of spiritual power, which meant you would be able to control a mecha. Also having a strong ability would make it even better.

Mo Helian couldn understand how, but he knew that those three things were all linked together and would make it a lot easier to pilot a mecha, according to Jingyi.

Mo Helian knew what a mecha was. He had seen it in science fiction movies, but he never wouldve thought that in this world these things were real.

Mecha was a large armored fighting machine in the shape of a person, usually controlled by a person who rides inside it. To be able to be a mecha operator was very hard and challenging though.

However, Mo Helian was not interested in this right now. At the moment, he was thinking about the events that were about to happen during his birthday.

Very soon, the main hall of the mansion was occupied by the Mo clan, who seemed to be coming here to celebrate his birthday, but all of them had their own calculations in mind.

The head of the clan had been his grandfather Mo Qin and then his father Mo Jinhan. With their formidable strength, no one dared to oppose them.

However, after Mo Jinhans death, they got greedy and immediately demanded that the new head of the clan should be choosen without wasting anymore time.

Mo Helian never discovered how Su Yiran managed to keep him safe those six years, but he knew she did the best she could. Now they had to confront these clowns.

The Mo clans goal was to put of their most powerful people in the position of the head of the clan, which rightfully belonged to Mo Helian after his fathers passing, and slowly remove mother and son from the Mo family.

Mo Helian couldn even comprehend how they had waited six years to do it. What held them back? They looked so impatient and greedy, it made him nauseous to even look at these people.

Su Yiran had done what she could to prevent this outcome, however it had been impossible to have stopped this large group of people.

”Its okay, baby. Everything is going to be okay. ” She had said this sentence to her little one all this time, but Mo Helian never even believed her. He knew she was trying to convince herself instead.

Holding Mo Helians hand, Su Yiran descented the stairs with her little prince, which led them to the main hall gracefully, both their heads held high.

”Thank you all for coming. ” Thats all she said and without sparing them any glace, she walked towards a man, who was standing in one of the corners of the room, his aura restrained, looking just like a normal person.

Yet, the closer they got, both Mo Helian and Jingyi could sense the imposing aura that unconsciously leaked a bit and the formidable strength coming from his whole being.

Jingyi was quivering with fear, while Mo Helian became a little cautious and just observed the other. He had dark skin, black hair, sharp eyebrows, thin lips and striking purple eyes.

Mo Helian had never seen an appearance like this before. Especially the color of his eyes, it was beautiful but it had not been even real in his world.

”Who is he? How does Su Yiran know him? He doesn seem like a normal person. ”

Mo Helians questions jerked Jingyi and he immediately started to look up the information about this dangerous and handsome guy.

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