1.4 Quickly praise me!

According to Jingyi, this world was overflowing with rich energy, and he had an innate talent to absorb a huge amount of energy, making Mo Helians new body very healthy. He no longer slept as much as before.

Jingyi was asleep most of the time though. The little boy seemed to have suffered a serious backslash for bringing them into this world.

Earlier, Mo Helian came to understand that he was linked to the boy in some way due to contract that binds the both of them.

He didn know what kind of creature the boy was, but he could feel that he resided inside him. It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling at first. As if this body didn belong only to him.

Soon enough, he got used to it and since he could communicate telepathically with Jingyi, he assumed they share a link.

So while his body was accumulating energy rapidly, he always made half the energy flow towards the link, directly to Jingyi, healing him slowly.

Lately, the time the little thing spend awake was becoming longer, annoying Mo Helian and making him regret helping this guy.

”Is there any way you could get some information about this place? ” He suddenly asked one day.

”Yes, there is a way. If you can get near some advanced electronic device that can access the virtual world, I can learn everything about this place in seconds! ”

”How do you expect me to do that? Nevermind, don answer that. Tell me about the virtual world. ”

”Well, I only know that the technology is advanced, to the point that humanity has conquered space, discover new inhabitable planets and studied other galaxies. ”

”So is this another world? Is it different from the world Im from? ”

”Actually its the same reality. We
e in the same universe, its just that humanity doesn reside in that small planet called Earth anymore, they have already built a whole civilization in the Elixus Galaxy. Weve just traveled to the distant future, thats all. ”

That truly left Mo Helian speechless for a moment. He concluded it was another world since there were many unfamiliar things around.

Although, both the thought of traveling to another world and traveling to the future seemed pretty crazy and unbelievable. But, so did coming back from the dead.

Also, they lived in another galaxy? What the f*ck?

So, it took him some time to process all of this and accept that it was real.

Time passed excruciatingly slow for Mo Helian.

After 5 other months, he was already used to Su Yiran affection, although he would never return it.

He had been busy training his spiritual energy just like Jingyi told him too. The little guy kept his promise and gave him a lot of information about spiritual power, so he could understand everything better and try training and controlling it.

Well, now that he was a baby, he couldn do much, but just let the energy flow freely inside his body.

His mom thought he was just sleeping though. At some point, she got concerned how much her baby was sleeping and almost went to call the doctor again.

However, Jingyi noticed it immediately and since then, Mo Helian became more active and to his mothers surprise, he started walking just one month later.

One day, Mo Helians concentration in doing some spiritual exercises was broken when he heard the little guys sad and envious tone.

”Your mother loves you so much. I wish I had a mother too. ”

”You can have mine. ” He replied almost immediately.

”Hmph! What a bad guy! How can you offer your mother like that? She is so good to you. She is the best person in the universe. Why wouldn you want someone who cares so much about you? ”

”I barely care about myself. ”

”I hate you. ”

”Why? Im lovely. ”

”You- ”

These words make Jingyi so mad, he couldn even respond.

”Hate me all you want. Just don interrupt me again. I need to strengthen my body so I can walk steadily and find the device you talked about. I need to know more about this place, time…or whatever. ”

”You keep tripping over your own feet and you can even walk in a straight line. How pitiful. ”

Jingyi had mischievous smirk on his face, clearly making fun of Mo Helian. He had tried to hold his laugh, but couldn help it.

Even his mother would burst out laughing whenever she saw her baby standing on his feet, with a serious expression on his face, bringing one foot forward and then the other, and next he would fall just after the third step.

Only after that, could she see that annoyed look on her babys face, which was quite funny. He looked like a serious little adult, and also like he was very mad at himself, which he was.

”You said you observed me for some time before I died back in my world, right? ”

Hearing this sudden question, if Jingyi had a heart, it would be beating really fast. ”Yes, but why- ”

Mo Helians next words made his whole being shudder with fear. ”So you must know that I can torture you in ways you couldn even imagine. ”

”Wahhh, Im sorry. I won make fun of you again. I swear! ”

Jingyi was a smart little thing. Whenever it sensed killing intent from Mo Helian, he immediately would admit his mistake, even if he didn commit any.

He had followed Mo Helian around for some months before his life suddenly ended.

At first, he thought he would wait a few more decades until he died, so they could sign a contract, but fortunately for him, the time came sooner than expected, making Jingyi so surprised he forgot what kinds of things he witnessed Mo Helian do.

”Get lost. ”

”Yes, sir. ”

That was enough to make Jingyi run away as fast as he could. He couldn actually run, but he could hide in the deepest part of Mo Helians mindspace, which he now shared with himself.

So, basically it was his space too, but somehow, when Mo Helian needed him, he could find him and pull him right out of even the darkest parts of that place.

At ten months old, Mo Helian could already walk around freely. The moment Su Yiran left him alone so she could take a shower, he finally had the opportunity to get her watch.

At least it looked like a watch to him. Jingyi told him it was called a communicator and apparently it was a device used for, well…communication, very similiar to what they called a phone in the past, but it had many more functions and it also served as an identification document. Additionally, it had every information of the owner in it. However, if a person other than the owner tried to use it, it would be impossible. The comm would just shut down.

Su Yiran would take it off when she showered, but she was not afraid to leave it in the room while the nanny was around precisely because of this. Plus, her comm could monitor her baby, so later she would just watch the recording and see what happened to her boy while she was away.

She was very much paranoid, yet in this house, she had to be very careful, because she was not sure who to trust. Most of the people around her were loyal only to the Mo family, and since her husband died, she was not considered part of this family anymore.

She had hoped they would at least see her baby as part of the Mo family, since he was Mo Jinhans son.

The master and head of the family was dead, so the responsibility and role fell on his succesor, making Mo Helian the young master in this family. However, no one would accept a baby as the head of the family.

The Mo clan needed a leader and too many people were eyeing that position. The easiest way they could get it, was to get rid of Su Yiran and Mo Helian, which was what they were trying to do all along.

Back to the present, Mo Helian was staying on the bed, waatching the nanny intendly.

”How should I get rid of her? ”

This sudden question startled Jingyi, who was sitting on the floor, inside the mindspace, and drawing something, acting all mysterious about it.

Hearing Mo Helians voice, his movements became faster and he hid the paper under his butt immediately.

In this place he could materialize whatever he wanted, but it didn belong only to him and Mo Helian was a person to fear, so he did not dare erase it.

He just turned around and saw his companion standing before him with a murderous expression on his face.

Jingyi gulped loudly, he could tell Mo Helian was serious. After hesistating for a while, he whispered, ”How about we don ? Just go get the comm. She probably won even stop you. You
e the young master of this family and shes just a servant. She won touch you unless you put yourself in danger. And if she does, your mother will make her regret it. ”

”Well, you
e not wrong. Just in case though, can I use spiritual power to kill her? ”

That piercing gaze frightened Jingyi so much he couldn help but tell the truth, ”In theory, yes. But, you need years to master that skill and make your spiritual energy powerful and sharp enough to kill. You can do it now! It will do irreversible damage to your spiritual self and your body if you try! ”

What he didn tell Mo Helian was that he could already kill with his spiritual power, but since he had no proper control of it, he would end up murdering everyone in the vicinity…So he kept that to himself, since he knew Mo Helian didn mind doing that at all.

At the same time, Jingyi was yelling in his mind Please listen to me just this time, you stubborn human. But, he didn dare say it out loud.

”Got it. Is that phone all you need? ”

Hearing this answer, Jingyi calmed down and urged him, ”Yes, yes. Go get the comm now. The curiosity is killing me! ”

Mo Helian immediately let his consciousness back into his body, unable to bear more of this little guys nonsense .

The bed he was in was surrounded by all kinds of pillows and toys that Su Yiran put there to keep her baby entertained, but Mo Helian never touched any of them.

This made all the servants who supervised wonder if there was a problem with their young master, but one sharp look from Su Yiran would make them all never dare to entertain that thought again.

So even when Mo Helian crawled down the bed and started walking towards the bedside table, the servant didn react.

However, another problem arose at that moment. Mo Helian realized that he was too short to reach the top of the bedside table.

”Oh, no! You
e too small. Why didn we consider this before? ”

Mo Helians face darkened immediately after hearing Jingyis comment and without thinking any further, he turned his head towards the servant and locked his eyes on hers.

The servant was a girl about 20 years old. Not only her, but everyone thought that the young master was very handsome, so when that adorable face turned towards her, her breath was caught in her throat.

His serious expression was so cute. But surprise showed on her face when she saw the young master point his little index finger towards the top of the bedside table.

Was he trying to tell her something? Her young master is so smart!

At first, she didn dare move, because the Madam had forbidden them from touching the young master unless he was in danger.

”Quickly, cry! ” Yelled Jingyi inside the mindspace.

Mo Helian was wondering what was going on inside this little guys head this time. ”Why the hell would I do that? ”

”Thats the only way she will help you. Quickly, do it! Now! ”

Mo Helian had never cried in his life, so he didn even know how to fake it.

”Su Yiran will be here in a few minutes! You won have a chance then! ” Jingyi warned him and continued to pester him continuously.

When he heard this, Mo Helians face changed immediately. ”I want to cry too, okay? I just don know how. ” He said impatiently.

”What? ” After being surprised for a moment, Jingyi reacted immediately, ”Let me take control of your body. Just for a few seconds. It won do you any harm. ”

Unconvinced, Mo Helian asked, ”You can do that? ”

”Yes, of course I can. I just need your permission. ”

”You have it. Go ahead. ” Mo Helian agreed immediately without any hesitation.

The next second, he felt a harmless force pull him inside his mindspace, he soon realized he couldn control his body like before. It was like he was observing his own body from the inside.

At that moment, the servant got a shock. Seeing Mo Helians eyes started to water and the tears threatening to fall down his cute chubby checks, she ran immediately towards him, still not daring to touch the baby, just watching him with concern.

”Young master, whats wrong? ”

Even though she knew the baby couldn speak or respond to her, she still asked, a little absentmindedly. She was so scared the madam was going to fire her immediately if the young master shed a single tear on her watch.

”Wu… ” Mo Helian didn cry loudly, he just hiccuped and made such a pitiful expression, as if the whole world had wronged him.

”Young master, please don cry. ” The servant whispered, feeling like she was awaiting death itself.

Looking around, her gaze stopped on the communication device on top of the bedside table and then she turned to look at the teary eyes of her young master.

Im sorry, Madam. The young master is too curious. Ill just let him touch it for a moment, so he can stop crying. I hope Madam will forgive me.

Mo Helian and Jingyi didn care about what the girl was thinking, they both yelled in unison, Just give it to me!

That surprised them, but soon they had no time to think about it, as the girl hesitantly touched the communication device of Su Yiran and presented it to Mo Helian as if it was a gift.

”Do you like it, young master? I have one too, do you want to see? ”

However, Mo Helians eyes didn even wander around, they were focused on the communicator of Su Yiran.

Jingyi, who was currently controlling Mo Helians body, quickly touched the communicator and the next second his face was beaming with pleasure.

The servant was so shocked and mesmerized that she forgot what situation she was in.

”Thats enough. Let me have control now. Su Yiran will be here any moment. ”

Jingyi was already satisfied. All he needed to have access to the virtual world was just one second, one single touch on any electronic device. So, he quickly gave control of the body back to Mo Helian.

In that split second, the baby boys face changed from a mesmerizing smile to a cold and serious expression, finally snapping the servant out of the daze.

She immediately took the device from Mo Helians hands and put it in the bedside table, then observed the young master, afraid that he was going to cry again. However, to her relief, Mo Helian was already on his way up to the bed again, although…struggling a lot with that.

When Su Yiran opened the door to her room, this was the scene she saw, her baby boy trying to climb the bed with a solemn face.

She burst out laughing and slowly walked towards the bed, taking Mo Helian in her arms.

”So stubborn! Why don you tell mommy when you need help? Just say mama and Ill be there in one second. Mommy would do anything for you, baby. You know that, right? ”

These words touched Jingyi, but not the stone cold hearted Mo Helian. He just kept the same solemn expression and let Su Yiran do whatever she wanted.

He could speak actually, he just refused to. Su Yiran was already begging him to call her mama. If she knew he could speak, thats probably what she wanted to hear all day long.

However, he had to talk soon. Not for any reason, but to ask for anything he wanted. For example, a room of his own. He needed his own privacy, damn it! These ten months have been too humiliating for him. Needing the care of another person…how troublesome!

Su Yiran usually tried to entertain Mo Helian, and she had noticed her baby wasn interested in baby stuff. However, he was curious towards everything around him, so Su Yiran brought him on a walk around the mansion several times.

By this time though, Mo Helian was bored of the doing the same thing over and over again. He wanted to see the outside world and learn more about this strange place. Nonetheless, Su Yiran seemed like she had no intention to ever go outside this place, as if it was a fortress protecting her and her baby.

Mo Helian understood that they must be in danger in some way, but he had no way of knowing now. Even if he knew, he couldn do anything.

Hence, he made Su Yiran believe that he was interested in watching cartoons. So, Su Yiran would watch cartoons every night with her baby in her arms until both of them fell asleep.

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