1.1 Here comes death.

Here comes Death.

His body turned cold, but that was nothing compared to what his heart was feeling.

From agonizing pain, to absolutely nothing in a matter of seconds.

All his life, Mo Helian did whatever the hell it took to make him feel real again. He did terrible things, that in the end destroyed him.

However, nothing was able to fill that void inside him.

Not even Death.

It never scared him. In fact, something about death always made him excited.

In the end, no one can escape death.

Although he knew he deserved it, he realized, so suddenly that it hurts, just how empty a creature can be, while still filled to the brim with drowning agony.

He had not really lived, and he had not been allowed to die. He had drifted between life and death which now seem, strangely alike.

For him, living had been more painful than anything. Existing for no reason was the same as being dead. He had been dead for a long time now.

Surrounded by this cold-blooded darkness, he felt strangely at peace.

The piercing coldness that made him shiver to his spine, slowly disappeared. Whatever pain he was in, it was all gone.

It was really strange, but Mo Helian didn care enough to even give some thought to it.

He had always wanted to be physically erased and start over again.

He didn want to be here. He didn want to be there. Perhaps he wanted to be nowhere. He wanted to fall into nothingness. He wanted to be untouchable and have no need.

It seemed like his wish finally came true.

The end had come. And he was ready for it.

However, the silence was suddenly broken by an unwelcome guest that appeared out of nowhere.

”Do you feel like making a deal with the devil? ”

Mo Helian chuckled. The voice of a child making an offer like this was quite funny.

e asking me to sell my soul? ” He asked, thinking that this must be his imagination.

Even though, now that he was dead, nothing was impossible.

He already knew he was in another realm, detached from his body. By looking down at his hands, he noticed his being seemed to be translucent, almost like a ghost.

”Im asking you to sign a contract that- ”

Before the child could finish talking, he was interrupted by Mo Helians cold tone. ”Not interested. Theres nothing you can offer me that I crave. I don want anything. Now or ever again. ”

He had realized long ago that he has no real desire. So it was pointless to continue this conversation.

”You like death? ” The child suddenly muttered, looking a bit confused, like he couldn wrap his head around such a thought.

He looked to be about 3 years old, floating in the air, his body looked a bit translucent. He had golden hair and blue eyes. His chubby arms were crossed and he was pouting, making him look so cute and pitiful.

Mo Helian was not moved in the slightest. He never even liked children.

”If you spend enough time with anything, you start liking it. Even death. ” He decided to indulge the pitiful thing though.

Being alone with his thoughts made him more miserable than he already was, so the little thing turned out to be a good distraction.

”But you
e not dead yet. I mean, your body is, but your soul is still alive, thanks to me, of course. ”

The child raised his head high, he looked so proud of himself, making Mo Helian raise an eyebrow and observe this creature seriously this time.

Was he acting? Or was he truly as innocent as he seemed? He couldn tell for now. He didn even know if this being was even a human.

”Oh? ”

The human didn seem moved, making the little child a bit anxious and desperate, so he blurted out, ”There must be something you want. Just tell me, what is it? Ill try my best to help you find it. ”

Actually, Mo Helian had no idea what he wanted, only that deep down, he wanted something, which is the worst kind of wanting.

After a long while, almost in a whisper, he replied, ”I suppose I do want something…something that would make it worth living and dying for. ”

”Ugh, why do you have to look for something so complicated? I don even understand what that is. Honestly, all I can give you is another chance. You can start a new life from the very beginning. Isn that great? ”

The child kept giggling, thinking that he finally convinced this stupid human, since according to his logic, no human would ever deny an offer like that.

However, to his surprise, Mo Helian declined.

”No. For me, existence is both a curse and a prison. ”

The child didn even understand what this stupid human was saying, he looked so shocked by Mo Helians refusal, that his adorable big blue eyes were filled with tears, threatening to fall down any second.

This situation truly shocked Mo Helian. He froze and had no idea what to do. He didn like kids, but that didn mean he hated them.

Actually, he was quite weak to the adorable and innocent creatures. He never wanted to hurt them, but somehow he had managed to make this little thing cry, without even meaning to do that.

Suddenly, the child wiped his tears with his chubby little hands and directed a fierce glare towards Mo Helian, yelling, ”Stay and rot in here then. I hope you enjoy it. ”

Surprised, Mo Helian couldn even respond for a moment, but in his eyes, the child looked just like a pitiful wounded animal.

He could tell that the little thing was desperate, however, he was not good at comforting people. And he definitely wouldn agree to something,without knowing what he was getting himself into.

He was a selfish person, he would put his interests before anything else. Apparently, the deal this child was offering was not beneficial for him.

Still, he was a bit amused when he saw the child quietly float away in the darkness an

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