ed path and finally, obtain a set of simple and beautiful codes.
All of those would bring immense amounts of joy to Tao Zhiyue.


He carefully analysed the causes of these bugs and began to conceive optimised solutions.
Then, he sent a message to Wang Heng, asking him if he could add them to the requirements and solve these problems in the new version.


After that, he saw Wang Heng bounce up from his seat, waving at him courteously.


Tao Zhiyue, “…?”


Upon seeing Tao Zhiyue’s face that was practically full of question marks, Wang Heng quickly bent down to send him a message.


[Planner-Wang Heng: Brother Tao, let’s go out for a walk.


[Planner-Wang Heng: Light a cigarette for the boss.jpg]


A moment later, Tao Zhiyue stood by the side of the road, holding the milk tea Wang Heng bought for him and took a sip blankly.


The sweet and milky taste filled his heart, accompanied by deliciously soft taro balls.


Tao Zhiyue was very polite, “Thank you, it’s delicious.”


Wang Heng immediately became excited, “Brother Tao, do you want to be a producer yourself in the future?”


“Ah?” Tao Zhiyue felt that his thoughts were jumping, “What producer?”


 “A game’s producer!” Wang Heng was in high spirits, “Brother Tao, with your capabilities, you definitely won’t work for others for your entire life.
What we’re doing is merely a skin-changing game that everyone just wings— even the producer wouldn’t care about the player’s feedback and feelings since they just want to make a wave of quick money.
But Brother Tao, you still remain ever so responsible.
I think that if you were to make one on your own accord, you could definitely produce a very good game.”


Tao Zhiyue wanted to explain that he was merely just bored and was looking for something to do.
If he wasn’t afraid of offending his colleagues, he would also like to solve the bugs left by other programmers together.
Nevertheless, upon looking at Wang Heng’s serious eyes, he couldn’t say anything.

If programmers were classified as creators, every creator should have fantasized something like this, screw the boss, screw the other party; as long as I have a say in it, I’m going to do the things I love the way I do it.

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