“Good luck trying to corrupt me,” Huo Ran said righteously, “Although dad has admitted his mistake to me on this matter, I have gotten used to it over the years, so I don’t feel that there is anything missing in my life.”

Huo Ran was actually speaking the truth besides the fact that he didn’t want to banter with Huo Sihan on this topic any longer.

When Huo Ran was younger, his family’s economic conditions were very good.
Huo Ran could quickly own any new items that were available on the market.
Regardless of whether they were new toys, imported snacks or even expensive computers at that time, Huo Zhendong would buy them for his child without hesitation.

But after the appearance of multifunctional mobile phones with coloured screens, Huo Zhendong, like many parents, worried about his children’s addiction towards devices like these.

In fact, Huo Ran had been a  child of exceptional self-control ever since he was little.
Although he was mischievous, he knew the limits and boundaries of everything that he engaged with— a trait he had that even many adults couldn’t compare to.

Even so, worried parents were often unreasonable.
Especially when Huo Zhendong was busy with his career and didn’t have the time to take care of the education of his two children, there was not much communication occurring between parent and child.

After he accidentally heard a few friends’ children hiding under the sheets and playing with their mobile phones every day, causing deteriorating grades and eyesight, he immediately decided to prevent the problems before they even happened.
He strictly controlled the amount of time his children were allowed to use their devices and even gave harsh lectures about the addictive dangers.

At that time, Huo Ran was young, but his temper was very stubborn.
He didn’t understand what other people’s addiction towards their devices had to do with him, so he didn’t understand why his father refused to trust his own son.
After all, his father was merely blindly referring to the mistakes made by other children whilst demanding that his own learnt a lesson from it.

Hence, Huo Ran solemnly told Huo Zhendong that he would only use his mobile phone to make calls and send text messages in the future just to make sure he kept the minimally necessary contact with others.
The mobile phone was just a tool, so he would not be controlled by the tool.

He hoped that this move would make Huo Zhendong realise that he should pay more attention to understanding him as a father should.

Huo Zhendong didn’t take it seriously at first, but a decade later, Huo Ran really did what he said.
Even in an era when the entire population bowed their heads to their devices, which even included the middle-aged Huo Zhendong himself, Huo Ran was still using the Blackberry phone that his father strictly controlled his use over.

When it was necessary to use the Internet for study and work, Huo Ran utilised the computer to complete his tasks efficiently and never wasted time on the Internet.

Correspondingly, Huo Ran had more disposable time than the average peers.
After completing his studies, he took an interest in sports and travels.
When he was free, he would travel around the world.
He gained a lot of knowledge and roughly learned several languages whilst making a few friends.

However, Huo Ran didn’t completely forsake personal communications.
He registered the PP app that everyone used but as usual, only accessed it from his computer in retrospect to the phone that would be easier and more efficient for everyday chatting.

Throughout the years, women would always seek him out when they have nothing better to do.
Because his reply speed was very random and often replied after half a day had passed, the women who just came to chat gradually lost their enthusiasm.
Huo Ran thus managed to avoid confronting a lot of flirty people from both genders.

After a long time, there was a saying in the circle that statedHuo Ran had good looks, ability, family background etc.
In-person conversations with him were not a problem.
In fact, it was online that he would seem too indifferent to women.
His form of speech would be incomprehensible and tirelessly rigid— as if it was the 50 year-old Huo Zhendong who chatted for him.

Huo Ran, “…”

Huo Ran feels that his life was very happy and fulfilling, but he just lacked some insignificant knowledge.
Nevertheless, Huo Zhendong was now starting to worry that his son was out of touch with his peers.
That was why he sent Huo Ran’s younger sister to persuade him to let go of his prejudices to embrace the trend of the times.

Facing her brother who was as stubborn as a mule, Huo Sihan simply dragged a chair over and sat down before persuading him earnestly, “Aren’t you going to fall in love in the future?”

Huo Ran was very sensitive to these sorts of words now, so he immediately raised his guard, “Why? What does this have to do with being in love?”

“When you’re in love, you need to chat!” Huo Sihan hated how iron couldn’t become steel(2), “How can someone hold onto a computer and talk to their partner every day? Lying on the bed at night and talking to a boyfriend, reading all of his romantic lines until sleep lulls you in; how sweet.”

Huo Ran was puzzled, “When you’re in love, you should meet each other; if you’re in a good relationship, then get married and live together.
Even if we can’t live together, phone calls are an option.
Is there really any difference?”

“…Ahhh, you’re so annoying!” Huo Sihan was impatient and furious as she tried to organise her words, “It takes a year or two from falling in love to  marriage, so there must be times when you can’t see each other during this period.
If your girlfriend wants to contact you, how is she going to do that?”

“Calling is an option…”

“Don’t talk about calling!!!” Huo Sihan slapped the table angrily, “Your single ass doesn’t understand at all! The happiest thing in the process of dating is to share the trivial things in life with each other! For example, ‘today’s lunch was delicious’, or something like, ‘I saw some really pretty flowers downstairs’.”

“No one would call to talk about such a trivial matter.
If they did, it would be very strange! But these are the most common things that are said between lovers, so I suppose that they can use their phones to call each other at any time of day.”

Huo Sihan found her way through his defences and looked at Huo Ran with sympathy in her eyes, “Of course, I knew that you won’t understand this kind of fun.
Oh well, it wasn’t uncalled for since you don’t have a girlfriend, haha.”

Huo Ran was used to his sister’s daily teases, so he merely curled his lips and ignored her.

However, Huo Sihan’s words reminded him that he could talk to Doctor Tao at any given time of day.
It was true that Huo Ran might require the Doctor’s aid one day, so it would be impractical if he were to rush to his computer every time he encountered a problem, right?

He didn’t have Doctor Tao’s cell phone number and the two were not in the same city, so the only way to contact him was through the PP app.

Huo Ran thought about this question and said casually, “Even if you want me to change my mobile phone, I don’t need you to give one to me; I will buy it myself.”

“!!!” Huo Sihan’s eyes lit up, “No way, do you really have a date now? What’s the age? Do you have a photo? Where did you meet?”

 She thought for a while before she laughed again, “No wait.
Actually, according to your current style, I should ask first: is this a male or a female?”

“!!!” Huo Ran, who had his sore nerve poked by his sister, immediately frowned, “Huo Sihan! Are you itching for a fight?!”

Huo Sihan smiled and started to imagine, “According to my years of experience, you are clearly showing a guilty conscience.
Ah, no wonder you had such a stupid grin on your face when I came in just now.
Then, may I ask, Mr.
Huo Ran, a caveman from the peak of the mountain, who is the lucky man that you’re willing to step into the world of modernisation for?”

“What a mess! He is a proper Doctor!” Huo Ran reflexively said.

“Oh, so your type is those who are in uniform…” Huo Sihan’s eyes brightened, “It seems that we really are siblings.
I particularly like pilots; their uniforms are pretty handsome.”

“Where did you learn that sort of crap from?” Huo Ran blushed, “I’m doing business! He’s the Director of a Hospital! A Director!”

“…It’s an old man, I see; how boring,” Huo Sihan was discouraged for a moment, “I thought you were enlightened and changed for the better.”

Seeing his sister’s disgusted face, Huo Ran subconsciously felt a little upset.

Doctor Tao seemed to be very familiar with the online world, so he didn’t give off the vibes of an old man at all.

He remembered that there was an information column stated on the PP software, and whilst Huo Sihan was not paying attention, Huo Ran quietly clicked on Doctor Tao’s personal information page.

[Age: 26 years old]

Huo Ran was a little surprised.
He didn’t expect that Doctor Tao would be this young.
Being only 2 years older than him, he had already become the head of the department.
This man was really young and promising.

Huo Ran was immediately in awe and wanted to refute his sister’s words, but he still gritted his teeth and held back.

He couldn’t let this nonsensical, idiotic sister smear Doctor Tao’s name again.

Huo Sihan rushed suddenly, “Why are you looking for a doctor? Are you sick?”

“Of course I am…” Huo Ran was alert, “Why, are you trying to piss me off and inherit my bank card?”

Huo Sihan had a look of disbelief, “Where did you learn this sort of sentence pattern? You’re even using it flexibly! Oh gosh, is this still you? Where’s my caveman brother?”

Huo Ran, “…”

His hands then clenched themselves into hardened fists.

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