The message was sent to him half an hour ago.
Huo Ran heaved a sigh of relief before he quickly replied.

[HR: I just woke up because I slept really well last night.
Thank you, Doctor Tao for comforting me.

[HR: I am usually free, so I’m okay as long as it’s convenient for Doctor Tao.

Huo Ran had just finished his round-the-world trip and was asked by his father, Huo Zhendong, to work in the company 2 months ago.
He was originally asked to follow up on an assignment in Jinbei City, but it had to be postponed for some reason.

Currently, he was the Vice President of the Huo Enterprise, but it was also the truth that he had nothing to do.
Huo Zhendong asked him to spend more time getting in touch with people in his circle.
Every day, he had a reception to attend before socialising and golfing with others.
In fact, it was precisely because of that routine that caused a bunch of pretty boys to be infatuated with him.

Huo Ran regretted it very much.
If he had known that this would happen, he would have forced his father to start the project in Jinbei City quickly, in order to escape from this terrible place.

The PP app’s message prompt sounded.

[Tao: That’s good.
Having a good night’s rest is very important.

[Tao: If you encounter something and want to talk about it, you can send it to me at any time.
I will definitely reply to you when I am free.

[Tao: My lunch break is over, so I have to work now.

[Tao: I love to go to work, it makes me happy.jpg]

Huo Ran looked at the messages and couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

Doctor Tao was really a positive person who not only loved his work, but was also very helpful even after work hours.

[HR: Thank you Doctor Tao! ]

[HR: Good luck //Sun//]

Doctor Tao’s PP status became busy, so Huo Ran didn’t bother him anymore and proceeded to look at the chat records from last night.
Doctor Tao didn’t speak much, but every word was full of care, which made Huo Ran’s feelings very validated.

Seeing the part where Doctor Tao talked about his sexual orientation yesterday, Huo Ran was very dissatisfied with his own reply at that time.
Although they were nothing short of sincere, he felt that they were still too old-fashioned and could not reflect his utmost appreciation, respect and support from the bottom of his heart to Doctor Tao.

He didn’t know how the youth nowadays express their enthusiastic support in a fashionable way…

“What are you looking at, smiling like an ignoramus?”

A crisp female voice suddenly sounded at the door.

Huo Ran trembled before he looked up.
It was his sister, Huo Sihan, who was 3 years younger than him.

“Can’t you ring the doorbell? You always sneak in like a thief,” Huo Ran despised her, “What’s an ignoramus?”

“It’s nothing, it just means you’re handsome,” Huo Sihan said perfunctorily, “Do you know what a surprise inspection is? How am I to find out your true face if I notified you?”

Huo Ran said boldly, “Do you actually still need to discover my true face? Is it not obvious that I’m handsome?”

“…An ignoramus is a hooligan, a pervert and an idiot,” Huo Sihan smiled, “Why is it messy downstairs? I think I saw two wine glasses on the table.
Did you perhaps have any adventures without telling your dear sister?”

Huo Ran was startled.
After being suddenly attacked last night, it took him a long time to drive away the ‘idiot’ who brought the red wine.
Once the man left, Huo Ran was both physically and mentally exhausted, so he didn’t bother to clean up the mess.

He didn’t expect to be caught by Huo Sihan today.
If she found out about the stuff that he had been dealing with, she would never let him hear the end of her teasing.

Huo Ran was full of self-indulgence, “Is it not okay for me to drink with myself? Have you ever recited the poem, ‘raise a glass to tomorrow, back turned to the moon as it forms a shadow of three'(1)? Play less with your mobile phone, read more and learn from your outstanding brother.”

(T/N: That line in the poem conveys a sense of loneliness.
It describes one drinking alone and with their backs facing the moon, the shadow of the subject and the star would collide, forming a third shadow amidst the dark, tranquil night)

“…I’ll give you the latest mobile phone, then.
It is so fun and has practically everything,” Huo Sihan whispered demonically, “By then, you wouldn’t be in a position to say this to me.”

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