After replying to this post, Tao Zhiyue browsed the other forums, catching up on all the big news that happened today.


Tao Zhiyue, who ended up going through an emotional rollercoaster throughout the entire night, became a little sleepy.
He looked at the time on the upper right corner of the computer and saw that it was almost 10 o’clock.


Tao Zhiyue’s biological clock was very regular.
Usually by this time, he should be ready to take a shower and go to bed, but the moment he was about to close the webpage, a reminder of a new reply popped up.


He yawned and clicked it open casually.


[User 726397816 (host): Hello, Doctor Tao, it has been going on for more than a month and I am really distressed.
Is this the business scope of your hospital? Can you help me? ]


 Tao Zhiyue, “…?”


Tao Zhiyue’s eyes widened in bewilderment and unconsciously, the hand that was going to switch off the phone halted in its tracks.


He recognised these words if they were taken apart, but he couldn’t understand them when they were put together.
Who was Dr.
Tao? What business scope? Who did he have to help?


Tao Zhiyue, who was confused, followed the message reminder and clicked in.
After seeing the original post, he realised that it was the phishing post by that shameless straight man who lied for attention.


He vaguely remembered his very ‘friendly’ reply.


Tao Zhiyue was speechless, but he started typing.


Director Tao of the No.
7 Psychiatric Hospital in Jinbei City: Brother, what I mean is that you have gone insane…


He hadn’t sent out his reply yet when another new message came in.


[User 726397816 (host): Doctor Tao, are you still online? I’m sorry, a friend that I have mentioned in a post just now ran to my house and insisted on staying.
I finally managed to persuade him to leave so I wasn’t able to reply to you in time, I’m sorry.]


[User 726397816 (host): I don’t know why other people’s replies are scolding me or saying that I am phishing.
I checked the meaning of the term to understand it, but I really wasn’t lying.
In the post I made, you are the only one concerned about my situation.
Whether or not you’re still here, I want to say thank you to you.


Seeing the very sincere reply from user 726397816, Tao Zhiyue felt a little guilty.


He deleted the straightforward remark that he was going to send out from the input box.
Even so, he hesitated while his fingers were on the keyboard as he did not know how to reply to the host who was too involved in this drama.


At any rate, the guy was polite— he didn’t say anything over the top and it appeared that he really didn’t know much about Internet buzzwords.


What if this person was telling the truth…?


Tao Zhiyue suddenly remembered that he was in the world of a twisted novel(1).
In the middle and late stages of the novel, the protagonist Shen Nian had about seven or eight suitors who were handsome and wealthy.
Every single one of them had powerful and formidable identities, neither lacking in impact and impression.


(T/N: Refers to novels that use imaginary concepts or are unfathomable)


He suddenly felt that it wasn’t impossible for four big shots to fall in love with a straight man at the same time.


So Tao Zhi, who was no longer sleepy, sent out a tentative reply.


[Director Tao of the No.
7 Psychiatric Hospital in Jinbei City: It’s okay, there’s just too many people who like to post deceptive posts.
That’s why everyone tends to react a bit actively the moment they see something like this.


After a few minutes.


[User 726397816 (host): Doctor Tao, you’re still here! Great, can you help me out then? I’m really not a liar! I’m guessing that you should be a psychiatrist— I can pay for your consultation! ]


[User 726397816 (host): I don’t mean to look down on homosexuals! I respect every orientation and gender.
Besides, I know it’s not a pathological matter, but I’ve never been in a relationship, so I’m inexperienced when it comes to relationship issues.
They have been too enthusiastic and they really don’t accept simple rejections, but I’m worried that I might say something wrong and in turn, will hurt their feelings.
I have been so worried that I haven’t been able to sleep well for a month since I have nightmares every night.
It would be great if Doctor Tao can help me— my pp number is 6728f369z]


 Tao Zhi felt even more guilty, but he also had a subtle feeling.


 He had seen many straight men who either stayed away from homosexual ones or were full of contempt.
When facing heterogeneous people, there were only a select few who could treat them normally.


 As for user 726397816, this was the first time he had encountered someone who was preoccupied with his own troubles and yet, had the empathy and the compassion to care about the other party’s feelings.


If all this was nothing more than a lie, then this act is seriously something.
What is it that this person is trying to do?


But if it is true, then this straight male host is probably a very kind person.
As such, someone like him should also be treated equally.


A moment later, Tao Zhiyue logged into the app subconsciously before he searched for the ID and added him as a friend.


The profile picture of the other party was a very beautiful landscape photo with the nickname, HR.


It seemed like he was a senior brother who did personnel work.
Perhaps it was due to their company being relatively large, it would be normal for them to come into contact with a lot of employees.
Hence, it was not surprising that such an understanding, gentle and kind HR big brother like him would be adored by several elite gays in the industry.
Many gays with rich emotional experience tend to go back to the basics and fall in love with this kind of man.


The more Tao Zhi started to automatically complete the plot in his head, the more he thought about it.
In turn, it felt more reasonable as he continued his train of thought.


The friend request was approved immediately.
It seemed like Big Brother HR was obviously waiting for him.


 [HR: Doctor Tao, is that you? ]


Tao Zhiyue’s nickname on the app was the word ‘Tao’, so it was fairly simple to recognise him.

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