The two-paragraph-replies were not long, but Huo Ran read it several times and felt a subtle sense of loss in his heart.


Huo Ran was sure that Doctor Tao knew what he was going to say next, so the man took a step ahead, tactfully and euphemistically declining the unspoken meeting request.


Trapped in his disappointment, Huo Ran thought about it again.
He and Doctor Tao had only known each other for a few days.
A person who valued privacy like Doctor Tao would definitely not want to meet strangers rashly.


Hence, Huo Ran decided to quickly ‘make amends’.


[HR: Okay, thank you Doctor Tao.]


[HR: It’s a pity that my schedule is too packed this time.
Otherwise, I would most definitely thank Doctor Tao personally!]


Doctor Tao replied very quickly this time.


[Tao: You’re welcome~]


[Tao: Puppet Bear Dancing.gif]


Looking at the twisted puppet bear in the centre of the screen, Huo Ran skillfully clicked the right button to add it to his emoticon folders and at the same time, breathed a sigh of relief.


Fortunately, Doctor Tao didn’t mind his abruptness.


It was currently Doctor Tao’s working hours, so Huo Ran didn’t bother him any more.
Huo Ran stared at the system’s default avatar for Doctor Rao and involuntarily became curious about his life.


Doctor Tao had a regular schedule and loved his work.
He was cautious but helpful.
He had a lot of cute emoticons, but he used the simple and default profile picture for the app.
He liked to join numerous discussions in online forums, but wasn’t familiar with the tourist attractions or hot spots in his own city.
What was life like for such a seemingly contradictory young man?


Huo Ran originally wanted to click on Doctor Tao’s personal profile, but 5 or 6 years ago, when he suspected that his younger sister Huo Sihan had a puppy love, he had secretly browsed through her profile to find some clues.
In the end, Huo Sihan found out and questioned him as to why he was spying on her, freaking him out there and then.


He didn’t want Doctor Tao to have a bad impression of him, so Huo Ran opened all the activity pages.
There, he scrolled down to see his friends’ activities, hoping to find any posts made by Doctor Tao.


However, even after his sight was getting blurry from all the scrolling and searching up to 3 months back, there wasn’t a single post from the doctor.


Huo Ran was a little disappointed but he caught a glimpse of Huo Sihan’s post that she made just a few minutes ago.


[Activity] Your father(1): There was a sudden torrent of heavy rain on the island last night and the vegetable seedlings I just germinated were forced to remain in a daze.
I didn’t expect to miss the wild backlash and skinning of the big guys since the tea artist personally went off to delete the post and blow up the account.
Boohoo, please give me some wonderful screenshots, dear sisters on the list.


(T/N: Her username implies that she’s the father of whoever’s talking to her, so it gives her a sense of superiority.
It’s just a joke, but that is peak sibling behaviour.
Also, her post probably refers to her calling out something on someone’s post, but the host had deleted the post already)


After last night, Huo Ran became very sensitive to the word ‘tea’.
Although he didn’t fully understand the second half of what his sister said, he still made a few comments.


[Comment] HR: You got to prepare an umbrella before it rains, idiot.


[Comment] HR: Does the ‘tea artist'(2) refer to a ‘green tea’?

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