A few employees who usually slacked off every day got a little nervous and looked around.


Although the projects of this company were bad, they were often quite profitable, so the salary level was not bad.
In the general 996  game industry(2), overtime was not that serious.
For many, this was already considered a good job.


(T/N: 996 refers to the Chinese work ethic where they implement working from 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week as a norm)


Several private groups on the PP app amidst the company’s workers became lively.
They already didn’t have the mood to work on a Friday, so why not gossip along with everyone else?


Tao Zhiyue’s expression was normal as he stepped into the company, ignoring the whispers of the people around him.
He also ignored Xue Huacan, who seemed very enthusiastic as he sat beside him.  


Tao Zhiyue turned on his computer and continued to fix some bugs according to the optimisation plan he conceived yesterday.


Half an hour later, the trio of hotshots came out together.
Among them, the CEO looked around the office area before his eyes lit up, going straight to Tao Zhiyue’s desk.




When Tao Zhiyue left with the CEO, he was still slightly irritated because he had just started writing some new codes.


However, when he walked out of the CEO’s office, he had a strange expression on his face.


‘He should be happy if he got a promotion, but he would seem depressed if he were to get fired’.
The people who were eager for gossip were staring at Tao Zhiyue eagerly, trying to get a grasp of the situation from his expression.
Even so, they remained confused.


…This expression of his, which was rather difficult to describe in words, seemed to have a number of rich connotations.


Though, Tao Zhiyue didn’t disappoint them.
He didn’t sit down directly when he returned to his work station, but stood next to Xue Huacan.


His voice was not too loud, but it was just enough for his surrounding colleagues to listen in, “You told Senior Li that I am in contact with the HR of other companies?”


After letting out that statement, the other colleagues around him were further invested in this turn of events.


Xue Huacan was taken aback for a moment before he smirked.
Subconsciously, he glanced at Senior Li’s empty seat, “I just mentioned it casually; who would have thought that Senior Li would inform CEO Guo about it.”


Senior Li didn’t come today as he was on medical leave.


Tao Zhiyue’s tone was flat, “You peeked at my mobile phone’s contents and then casually mentioned it to make a small report?”


“Goodness, don’t put it that way,it sounds rather crude,” Xue Huacan said with a sincere expression, “I just happened to have something I needed to ask you, so I went to your desk and merely caught a glimpse by accident.
Little Tao, I’m not trying to insult you, but it’s really not right; how can you ride a donkey to find a horse(3)? You can’t behave so impetuously when you just graduated… Oh, sorry, I forgot that you didn’t graduate.”


(T/N: Refers to someone using any means at their disposal temporarily while searching for better products/ services/ connections in the meantime.
Once they find it, most tend to let go of whatever they deem was inferior to the object of their comparison)


As he said so, Xue Huacan changed the subject and put on a hypocritical attitude of understanding, “If you really can’t bear it, it’s not a bad thing to want a change in jobs.
Even so, you’re still working for the company but you aren’t giving it your all.
The progress of the project is advancing speedily whereas you rush home to buy your groceries every day.
If you don’t contribute a bit more to the company, what would your other colleagues think about you?”


Other colleagues, why were we involved when we merely wanted to listen in to the gossip?


The group of colleagues all remained silent as they eavesdropped frantically.
Such an exciting face-to-face confrontation was truly a rare situation to encounter.


Tao Zhiyue was not angry at all as he even smiled, “Is your lecture over?”

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