Hellbound Heart

Well played

Elle swallowed before she nodded at him. ”O-okay. ” She forced herself to nod smoothly and controlled her movements in order to not seem hesitant in her movement.

He smirked and then out of the blue he spanked the right cheek of her butt. The sharp sound echoed along with her gasp. Her hand immediately flew to her mouth, covering it, eyes wide in shock.

”Now how was it, hmm? Princess? Do you like the spank or did you not? ”

”I… I… ” she did not know what was going on with her body, but she felt electrified by that spank and… oh dear…

All she heard was his low hum. ”You liked it… ” it was no longer a question.

When she met his gaze, he was smiling. Wickedly. His eyes were gleaming with an intense pleasure.

”Y-yes. ” She finally said. She honestly did not hate it. She had no idea that this kind of thing was okay with her. ”Prince Sebastian… I – ”

”No, Im not done yet, princess. ” He drawled out.

Her eyes could only widen again. There was more? Oh lord!

”Just one more question. ” He said and she breathed out a small sigh of relief as there was just only one question left.

He tightened his grip on her neck a little. She swore that this should be enough to scare her to consider backing off. And yet, she was not feeling any stirrings of dangerous dread at all. Not even a whisper of it. Instead, her heart was racing with something else entirely. Thrill. This was the very same feeling she had felt the very first time she tried doing that dangerous hobby of hers which was skydiving.

”I sometimes choke my girl in bed like this, princess… are you okay with that too? ” a wicked smile spread across his lips, accompanying that wicked look that was already in his eyes.

Oh dear… oh freaking lord…! What?! She had heard about this kind of fetish, read and watched about it too. And… and she was certain she would never be okay with it!

”Answer me, princess. ” His voice low and rumbling.

She wanted to say no. But if she said no, he would pull away and would not see this through to the end, right? There was no way she would let this stop now, could she? She had already gotten this far! And he was her only hope right now!

”I… I don know but… will it… is it going to… hurt? ”

He eased his grip around her throat and Elle felt the dread that he was going to stop now. She grabbed onto his forearm before he could retract his hand away.

”I… I think I will be okay with it. I don think you
e going to harm me, right? Since it is for fun. And it will be just for tonight, so… yeah. I can handle it. No problem. ” she said almost frantically.

For a long moment, he simply stared at her. He was definitely studying her again, causing her to hold on to her breath.

”Alright, brave princess. ” He pinched her chin before pointing at the bed. ”On all fours. Now. ” He ordered and Elle stumbled a little as she rushed back to the bed and crawled onto it.

She could feel his gaze as he watched her. Her heart was a complete mess and she felt like her mind was being squashed up like mashed potatoes. Oh, dear lord… never did she thought that this would happen for her first time. She was just trying to escape just a while ago and now here she was, somehow trapped in this situation. She had underestimated the fire she thought she was going to play with tonight. But how could she ever have foreseen that the man she had happened to come across with does not play with just a small fire, but a whole inferno?

”Lift that beautiful ass more, princess. ” He commanded and she obeyed. Her face burned, every inch of her skin growing damn hot.

”Good girl. ” Came his praise again and she waited there. Wanting him to just get it over and done with right now. Her mind somehow remembered the noises from outside the door and she was shocked to realize that there was still some commotion going on, on the outside. Her senses had been devoured by this man and all that he was doing to her that she had completely forgotten about the urgency of her matter.

Now that she heard those faint noises again, the intense dread flooded back.

To her relief, she felt the mattress dip slightly as he finally climbed on the bed and position himself, kneeling right behind her.

His large and warm hands landed on her butt cheeks and when he squeezed them both at once, she let out a strange moan.

”Such a pretty c*nt. ” He uttered and her entire being shivered when his breath touched her opening. He had put his face to be looking at her down there?!! Then she heard something that shook her heart.

That was… her fathers voice. No! Not yet, please…

”Prince Sebastian, please… I don need any more foreplay. ” She said, looking over her shoulder. ”Please just get on – ”

She was yanked back again. This time a bit harshly. His hand was now around her throat as he pressed her back against him. ”You don order me, Izabelle. ” He hissed softly and she did not know anymore what to feel – the dread that her father was now right outside that door, or the feel of his fiery body plastered all along hers as his thick and hard manhood brushed against her wetness.

She forced herself to speak. To beg him to just take her now. But she was pinned down on the bed, still facing down. His broad body and heavy mass of muscles had covered her beneath him as the bedrooms door suddenly swung open.

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