Elles entire world seemed to spin dizzily before screeching to a full-on halt at the things Alexander had just revealed. Her mouth was partly hanging open and her eyes circled wide as she looked at him. Anyone looking at her could clearly tell that she was in total disbelief at the news she had just received.

”Th-theres no way King Rudy would agree to my fathers demands… right? ” she asked Sebastian who was currently unmoving and still wearing that poker faced expression of his. Elle could not even guess a single thing from the way he was behaving. She had hoped to gather some hints but alas, she had better chances looking elsewhere.

”Ah, don worry about King Rudy, princess. ” It was Alexander who respond to her, smiling like he was so happy about what was going on. ”The old man had been really dying to finally see Sebastian get married already. That way, he would finally be at ease once he passed on the throne to him. This actually came as a great welcoming news to him and also to us. Oh, wait a moment. ” he broke off as his phone vibrated inside his pocket.

He swiftly took his phone out and checked the screen to see who was calling. Before answering it, he looked at her and smiled. ”My wifes calling… so, excuse me. ” He said and then turned around, patting Sebastian on the shoulder before he and the red-haired man left the room.

As soon as the door was closed after them, a silence so heavy it was nearly suffocating filled the room. Neither of them spoke to the other and neither seemed to want to be the first one to break the silence.

Sebastian did not say anything and just quietly walked towards the table by the bed and grabbed something that was on top of it. A lighter and a… cigarette. He smoked? Elle did not peg him for a man who smokes, given his clean-cut look and also there was no lingering scent of tobacco smell on his during her interactions with him earlier.

He perched himself at the edge of the table, his long legs crossing over the other at the ankles relaxedly as he lit up his cigarette. A click, then the flame brought near to his cigarette followed by a long drag and a puff of smoke. His movements were so precise, without any stumbling or extra movements. He was clearly a person that did not like to waste – be it in time, actions, or intentions.

He was doing his things so casually, as if she was not in the room with him at all. The worse thing was that she still could not read anything in his expressions at all. Even now when he was seemingly looking more relaxed.

However, Elle really did not need to read anything. She knew that he must be raging within him right now. There was no way this crown prince would want to be tied in a political marriage when he was still in his prime. More so, to a woman that he was not even in love with at all. And to top it off, a woman that he must have thought who had deceived him and orchestrated this marriage trap. He must be full of loathing at her by now.

But… she sincerely felt terrible that she was actually relieved with this turn of events. That with this hoo-hah, she was finally getting her wish of escaping her doom – her marriage with Brandon Haze.

She knew this was not fair at all to him, but…

Clenching her fists so tight that her knuckles turned white, Elle straightened and bravely took a few steps towards him.

Elle was aware that this matter between them was not quite set yet. If Sebastian declines to marry her, everything will fall into ashes again. Unlike her, this man was powerful enough to disobey his father. She could just feel that he was not the type of man who would be content to just sit back and get dictated by others so easily. She could just see it in those cold eyes that was now eyeing her silently. She shivered a little as she took the last few steps over to stand before him.

”Prince Sebastian, ” she started. She gathered every ounce of courage she had within her and opened her mouth to make her request known to him. ”Please… marry me. ” She proposed. Her eyes gleaming with so much intensity as she stared unflinchingly into his serious eyes.

His hand that was still in midair as he brought his cigarette back to his mouth stilled after hearing her speak. His mouth was slightly agape as he took a couple of seconds to register what she was requesting of him.

”I know… that you don want to get married for now – or ever. I am not certain if the hearsays are true, that you are… that you are not planning to marry because you are a certified womanizer and not a one-woman man. But even if that is true, I… if you marry me, I will not complain about it. Nor will I stop you if you wish to continue with your current lifestyle. ” She bravely said without any hint of uncertainty.

Elle wanted to make all these bargains to perhaps come to a compromise on this man agreeing to marry her. Because that was the only real way for her to finally escape the clutches of her hopeless father and the monster Brandon. There was no other way… if this man would not marry her, then she would really be done for. She did not want to think too much about what she could do if the situation turned out that way for now. She would cross that bridge when she gets to it. For now, she just needed to focus and put in all her efforts into making this arrangement succeed first.

”I am… I am offering you a marriage of convenience. Your uncle said that your father had been dying to see you get married so he could pass you the throne. As the next heir to the throne, a well-matched marriage is not something you could avoid. I am certain you are more than aware of that reality than I am. ”

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