Heart’s Prince


The dinner table was filled with every dish I loved, aunt clearly knew what I liked and didn from my childhood, she was my second mother. She did ask me to eat well and take care of myself properly, as it was just uncle and aunt with me for dinner, we were just talking and laughing like a normal family would do. I knew this was all special for me, these are actually something they did only for their children when they were alone, but I too got included once mother left us. More over I hated quiet dinners and I didn have to act like a disciplined royal in my palace and uncle doesn force me to do it here either from childhood. I really loved them and wish if they were my parents and I actually mean it from the bottom of my heart.

After the meal uncle and aunt left leaving me to my room, they were so sure to make me comfortable and happy here unlike what I felt in Grensilas Palace. Asking all my maids to leave I changed to my night gown myself as Carli was at her home. I was wondering if her parents were okay now when I heard a soft knock on the door and with my permission the guard told me grandma was here and let her in. I saw her holding a huge but simple, old fashioned frock. It looked like a bigger version of frock small girls wore years back. Pulling out a chair and making her sit comfortably there, I sat opposite from her. ”I never thought you do be visiting me at this hour grandma. ”

She gave me the frock and asked me to try it on ”I have been working for months on this one. The design is pretty old, its what I once stitched for your mother, the first time I came into the palace Lin. ”

I turned around wearing it on, seeing how well it fitted on me she smiled saying ”I knew it do be perfect on you, the dark brownish orange suits your wheat skin tone and those pretty eyes. You definitely are looking more like Lora day by day but a smiling version of hers. Just a little….fitting on your waist and your arm. Give it to me Ill fix that immediately ”. Taking it off me she sat down with her huge needle and thread.

”Grandma where did you learn to design that well from? I wish I could do that too. ”

”My father was stitched royal clothes, we had a small shop beside our house near the palace. I remember my father being called into the palace to work on new clothes and to impress guests with cloth designs. I too used to accompany him once I grew older. ” letting out a deep breath she continued ”When we get called to the palace, we work in a little room near the training field of the palace. Have you seen that room now? its pretty huge now and is in the corner of the hall downstairs facing the garden ”

I just sat there listening quietly while grandma was in deep thought, suddenly shaking her head as if she remembered a bad memory she called, ”Linstar… ”

”Yes grandma. ”

She grinned saying ”did you know that your mom would have never let you even touch the frock I stitched? Forget that, you won even be calling me grandma if Lora was here. You would have never even seen me honey. Haaaa…..I remember how angrily she threw it away when I gifted her that frock I designed. ”

”I don …I mean I never asked. ”

”Today when you spoke about Alisa I felt like you needed to know about me and Loras mother, Stellar. You might have seen the huge painting of a warrior Princess on the hall way…. ”

”Ya I have always noticed that but her name is Stellar Stoneche. Who is Stonche? ”

Her look more serious now she asked ”While crossing the Bridgeton city have you seen the huge statues in middle of the big market? ”

I nodded yes ”One of those is great grandfathers father Kornus right? ”

”King Kornus Bridgeton and the statue of woman who fights with him is Queen Loreas Stoneche. ”

”I don get it like…. ”

”Linstar, the history you know of Bridstone is not so old, its the reigning period from King Swengche Bridstone that you have learned because thats when Bridstone was born. What I want you to know is about Bridgeton and Stoneche, the war of which led to Bridstone; only then youll know about your grandmother and me. ” I paid attention while she started to tell me the history ”Several generations before mine, there was no Bridstone. It was just Stoneche and Bridgeton, both the countries had their own reasons and disagreements on several matters and they weren ready for any settlements, this constant arguments and fights of the rulers made it difficult for both the countries to trade goods and caused financial losses. Even though there were always fight between the countries, there were no severe wars; it was then that the Crown Prince Kornus became the King of Bridgeton. He was a very greedy man, so unkind, he was just too selfish especially when he came to know the worth of Stoneche. He wanted to own it for all the metals and resources he could get from it. Brigeton too had metals but pretty less compared to Stoneche. He knew by conquering it his country could trade peacefully making double the profit and quit depending on agriculture that barely fed the country alone. He at first tried to make Stoneche agree to trade with his country but they did doubt something bad behind his sudden change in behaviour towards them so they decided to deny the offer. Infuriated by this he did an immediate attack on Stoneche at the night of Selori. The whole kingdom was tired after the great celebration and was in deep sleep when even the commoners got attacked, several buildings burnt down and people attacked, houses robbed and children kidnapped. Even the royal palace had a very bad fate when they broke into and killed many servants and guards. Bridgeton killed and hurted each and everything that was living. Thats when the King got killed and Kornus left with his soldiers thinking to come back in a few days to conquer. It did seem like all the drinks were drugged during Selori by a spy of Kornus. This left the whole kingdom in bad shape but the Queen Loreas wouldn give up. She supported the kingdom and prepared themselves for when Kornus returns. That was the greatest war in history of both Stoneche and Bridgeton. The Queen was pretty young and brave, she did scare the soldiers and showed her strength to Kornus. The Queen knew he do never give up so she tried to strengthen her kingdoms defense. Kornus was severely hurt by the end of that war and was in bed rest for so long, the then Queen of Bridgeton thought her husband would have stopped trying to own Stoneche but now it was no longer his greed but his prestige was on question so he grew crazier every single day. He even changed his elder sons name from Swenus to Swengche on the name of Stoneche, told him that it was his aim in life to capture it. Kornus again attacked on the recovering Stoneche even before he could possibly stand supported by Swengche, that is when he got killed and Swengche became the King. Stoneche was completely destroyed and the Queen was hurt badly but she went in exile making it hard for Swengche to find her. Thats when your grandfather was born as the eldest son of his being the Crown Prince. ”

”Did you meet him when you came with your father grandma? ”

”Yes, I have seen him practicing through the window of that tiny room for years. Could anyone hide from the well trained Prince? he did know my eyes on him the whole time. Once he finish practicing, before he leave he do shoot me that charming smile. Someone who always keeps a serious look on face, his smile was only for me. How could I not fall in love? He practiced with the soldiers and its hard of commoners to see the Crown Prince back then so I thought he was a soldier. How can someone like me even think of a life with the Prince like in tales. Queen was a nice person, even when she kind of understood what was going on between us she just told my father to let me study designing outside with a famous lady designer she knew. Though she tried to keep me away from him saying many other reasons, she would excuse him to go out of the palace often even when she knew he was coming to see me. She just didn want the King to know as it may cause my whole family would be in trouble. Once when I was in the market buying things for Selori I heard the royal announcements and guards coming King dragging along someone on huge chains. Among them I saw a beautiful woman and the fire in those eyes of hers. She was daughter of Loreas Stoneche who died years back and the child was trained by a few others of Stoneche who went on exile with the Queen. That was the first time I saw Stellar, I heard that she did fight a lot and struggled before being captured by them. Then was the announcement of the new nation Bridstone along with the royal wedding of Chrisinche and Stellar to which she agreed only to save her people and let them live peacefully under the new nation. ”

I was speechless, what could I anyway tell her.

Letting out a deep breath she continued ”I was heart broken and blamed myself alot for even imagining of a family with the Prince. I thought it was all over when I heard that they were expecting a child and felt he would have completely forgotten about me. Thats when Lora was born, named after her grandmother Loreas. Whole Bridstone was in joy and celebration but the King wanted a grandson, within next few years she again was pregnant and thats when they visited all the places in Bridstone to see their citizens. There I unexpectedly met him again but had to just pretend I was fine; who am a tailors daughter to be disappointed at the Crown Prince. It was soon after Rowenches birth that Swengche passed away and Chrisinche became the new ruler with Stellar as Queen beside him. Few months past I got a surprise guest, it was Stellar. Seeing the Queen herself I panicked but calming me down she said that she already knew who I am. I was shocked that day, I remember what she exactly told me ”Rosey, I know you were in love with him, I might not completely understand you but I get it from his face. Im sure he is still deep in love with you and if you still love him, I would really be happy if I can get you both back together like your wish. You can definitely marry the King. I know he isn at fault for my fate, I don want to see him unhappy due to me. I anyway never had love or any wish to marry someone before, he has that so I wanna fulfill his wish. I invite you to the palace tomorrow, excepting to see you there. ” and she just left without even letting me speak. The Queens visit to my home spread like a fire in whole village. I didn know what to do but anyway decided to visit the palace. ”

”Is that how you both got married? ”

”Ya, I had to be his concubine. Back then there was no concubine house inside the palace, so my room was closer to the Kings chamber. ”

”Why did my mother start hating you? ”

”No idea ” she shrugged ”Lora was about 4years old then and she never liked me standing next to her father nor us even talking. Kids will always want their parents to stay together so she reacted when I was with him instead of her mother. We all thought it do change as she grow up but things just got worse when Tiropus started a war with Bridstone, so many died and many including Stellar was badly hurt. After that it was decided compulsory defense training for everyone in Bridstone, the country stayed under the injured Queen for next 2years till she died. Lora was 16 then and took up the position of Queen after her mother with the help of the royal court and King. What she did first when she got into power was to build a small concubine house and made me shift there, that was so unexpected for both King and I, but we never complained about it. She didn even like my existence until she visited the palace with you a few months before she fell ill. She spoke to me properly then. I wished if I could have got a chance earlier. Today when I heard you speaking about Alisa it the same way I felt, I really think you should give her a chance Lin. She might not be the way you think she is. ”

”The woman who waited not so long after my mother died to steal her name and took her position even before she passed away. How can I expect someone like her to be like you grandma? ”

”She sure had reasons for doing that and its been years now she would have changed anyway. Haa….I don know….but sure you can think and decide whats good now that youll soon be a Queen. ” she said standing up to leave handing me the dress ”Sleep tight ” giving me a kiss on my forehead she left, leaving me to think about it. But Alisa changing is something I expect the least. I sat near the huge window looking out at the darkness as the cold breeze brushed through my hair.

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