Porchea Palace

After sending letter to father I hurried to the carriage waiting near the palace gate. Thats when I saw someone talking to the guards. On noticing me the guard came running closer and informed ”Princess its Carlis relative, looks like her mother is ill and shell have to leave for a few days. ”

”But I have to go to the Palace later….. ”

Thats when Carli came seeing us talk, she looked worried probably heard what we spoke. When I looked at her difficult to decide she said it was fine that she didn wanna go.

”See Carli I don have any difficulty in your absence. You can stay as long as you wish, but better we not inform in the Palace the cause is you being my personal maid the Queen would make unnecessary issues so you may leave now itself. ” I didn want her regretting not going later.

”What about you Princess? ”

”Anyway in Bridstone Ill be pretty busy with grandfather and uncle. You won have to accompany me there nor be worried about me. Ill go on my own, in case you can come back by the time we leave for the Palace. Well be coming all the way back the same route so you can come along. ”

”But Linstar it might cause you alot of trouble if Queen…. ”

Placing an assuring hand on her shoulder I said ”Shell barely notice your absence Carli, leave with your relative ”. Once I saw her leaving, I got onto the carriage and we started off to Bridstone.I loved writing while travelling so I started to note down in my diary, Today I was thinking of spending some more time in my Prochea when I was informed of my grandfathers final wish to meet me. I really wished if he could be healthy till I got married off so that my marriage won just be for the kingdom than my happiness. A marriage so soon…I really don think Ill be able to fall in love the way I wanted with my Prince. I know I should be talking like a Princess but what use is marrying someone when they barely even like your existence the way that happened with my mother. Im sure father wouldn have done that if he loved her a bit. Even the thought of going back to the palace is troubling me alot. I knew this day do come but never thought so soon itll be here.

Bridstone has always had a lot of guards than usually seen in other kingdoms. Its known for all its metals and brilliant metalsmiths. Everyone everytime everywhere are wary like their do be an emergency but I don believe its due to the ongoing war in Tiropus as its kind of far from here they have always been like this, probably the reason why my mother was so strict and wary all the time. Now I do realise why it was a good thing to be too. Every man and woman in Bridstone have compulsory defense training from a young age given along with their education, which is why the kingdom never runs out of soldiers even after long wars, everyone can stand for themselves and the kingdom. Carriage stopped in front of the huge metal gate of Bridstone letting the guards check through well and thats when I noticed him, Listonche. He was hurrying towards us with the stern face, ”LIS ” I called out of the carriage and thats when he noticed me and immediately asked the guards to stop checking and leave. I got down from the carriage and his face lit up. My cousin looked as stunning as always, might be a little more handsome in that thick brown leather uniform. I could see how well his sword shined and matched with his strength. The noon sun was too hot to handle even for me I really wonder how he manages in that uniform. He was now closer to me so I kept a straight face and did the famous historic deep bow for him ”To the soon to be Crown Prince of Bridstone, to the brave Listonche R.Bridstone. ”

Laughing at me as usual but immediately keeping back his stern face, he too bowed down in Prince Charming style, ”To the soon to be Queen of…..err…a beautiful nation, Linstar D.Grensil. I welcome you to my precious Bridstone my lady. ”It has been pretty long since we met last, Lis and Lin has always been little trouble makers for our parents, even the thought of us being King and Queen soon is kind of like dreaming I can believe that we grew up so soon. We were both so happy to see eachother and it was only to me that he could be himself and the other way around. We are eachothers comfort in need. He motioned with hand to go to a boy barely 17years old and I noticed him take off on his black horse.

”Soon the palace will be ready for you. ” Lis said smiling, Im one of those few who get to see him smile like that.

”Its hard to believe we all grew up Lis. I mean Im gonna get married. ”

”Ya, I do find it all difficult to digest too. Ill be soon the Crown Prince, a lot more responsibilities on top of all this. ”

”But why are you here? Not going to the palace? ”

”My duty is here now, Im the future King so needs to be on duty in all the departments so that I know how everything works. Ill only be returning back in case of emergency or an important message which according to the Royal physician will be heard soon. ”

”Is he in that bad condition? ”

He just nodded yes, ”Thats the reason you had to hurry here Lin. ”

Looking up at the sky he motioned me to enter back into the carriage ”Lin youll have to hurry soon, there is a journey of 6hours left for you. Youll reach there before dinner only if leave now. ”. Asking my guards to keep moving, he commanded ”OPEN THE GATE FOR PRINCESS OF GRENSILAS. ” Soon the huge metal gates were opening in front of us and we started moving towards in slowly. Looking back at him I asked ”Will you be there for the grand party? ”

”Oh..ya we did receive the invitation, but I doubt I might be there, err… mostly I don think anyone from Bridstone will be present in case something bad happens. ” The carriage was now starting to increase its pace and Lis stood behind waving.

”TAKE CARE LIS…SEE YOU WHEN I RETURN. ” peeping out I said waving back at him while he just stood there smiling at me. After we passed through the gate looking back at him, I saw his face turned back stern again. He was such a hardworking man; I really wished if he was there to help me with the decisions to make like he always does but seems like Ill be alone this time for real as not even grandfather or uncle will be present. My life might really be just an arrangement, hardly any love and just for nations sake. It feels like I have already accepted my fate now and there isn any point in expecting it to change like in childhood princess stories.

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